Jackie Schimmel Husband Andrew Haas, Married Life And Kids

Jackie Schimmel Husband

Jackie Schimmel Husband is the songwriter Andrew Haas. The couple has been together for several years, and with each passing year, they have fallen for each other even more.

Jackie Schimmel is a podcast host, writer, and humorist. She did not finish college, and she had various temporary jobs.

One day, Jackie made a fake UCLA diploma and used it to get a receptionist job at a big investment bank. In 2012, she got fed up with her job and started her blog “THe Bitch Bible.”

Moreover, The writer expressed her frustrations with the world in her blog. She pretended to have food poisoning to be on live TV, which got her fired from her receptionist job.

Schimmel mainly runs her podcast solo. However, she has had guests like Cardi B and Michael Rappaport.

In early 2020, “The Bitch Bible” went on a successful live podcast tour. The show attracted large audiences.

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Who Is Jackie Schimmel Husband?

Jackie Schimmel husband is Andrew Haas. Her partner is a podcaster and a pop star who has composed several famous songs.

Jackie Schimmel Husband
Jackie Schimmel and Andrew Haas got married. (Source: The Skinny Confidential)

Andrew is currently 35 years old. He celebrates his birthday on February 14th with loved ones. His wife Jackie is 31 years old.

Moreover, Jackie Schimmel husband is a songwriter and producer from the United States. He is known for his work as a half of the production duo called Afterhrs.

The TV personality’s lover has affiliations with BMI, a music rights organization. He has been involved in writing and producing songs.

Other artists have covered some of Haas’s works. He has a songwriting and production partner named Ian Franzino.

Furthermore, Mr. Andrew has contributed to famous songs. His music includes “Both Ways,” “Finally Free,” and “Wolves.”

Some of his songs, like “Miss You” and “Second Hand Heart,” have been performed by various artists. They have been covered by others as well.

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Jackie Schimmel Married Life

Jackie and Andrew have been happily married for several years. Their love story began when they met at a mutual friend’s party.

The pair instantly clicked and found common interests, including a shared passion for music. They discovered that their different pursuits complemented each other perfectly.

Throughout their married life, The duo has supported each other. Andrew has composed music for Jackie’s podcast.

The lovebirds are not just life partners but also best friends. They share laughter, adventures, and a love for good food.

Andrew and Schimmel’s marriage is a true partnership. They encourage each other to chase their dreams and celebrate their successes.

Despite their busy schedules, they always find time for each other. As each day passes, their love deepens and becomes even more profound.

People around them often describe Andrew and Jackie as the perfect match, and they could not agree more.

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Does Jackie Schimmel Have Kids?

The podcast host recently posted on her instagram account an adorable picture of her child. She named her Clyde Lion Haas.

Jackie Schimmel Husband
Jackie Schimmel introduced her baby on her instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Mrs. Jackie gave birth to her child in 2023. The host and her husband were over the hills when their little bundle of joy came into their lives.

Jackie shared her pregnancy news on her social media with a hint of comedy. She captioned that she and her pet, Leo, were having a baby, and her husband, Andrew, was going to raise their child.

The internet was bursting out with laughter and joy with her humor. Many people supported her and congratulated the couple for being parents.

The humorist’s social media posts are filled with her baby. It indicates that her life has become complete after the arrival of her kid.

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