Ivor Robson Wikipedia Age, Wife And Net Worth

Ivor Robson Wikipedia

Is Ivor Robson Wikipedia available? He was the voice of The Open Championship for nearly a half-century. Let’s glance at the talented announcer’s personal life below.

Ivor Robson was born in 1940. Likewise, he hailed from England.

Robson lived most of his life in Moffat, Scotland. Also, he began his career at Carnoustie in 1975.

Ivor was the official first-tee starter across 41 championship editions for 18,995 players. Moreover, he was the starter between Carnoustie in 1975 and St Andrews in 2015. 

Robson’s ‘on the tee’ introduction has gone on to be mimicked on golf courses globally. Similarly, many adored his distinctive Scottish accent.

Sadly, the voice of The Open Championship passed away in October 2023 at 83. Ivor Robson served as the announcer for nearly a half-century.

‘Ivor Robson Wikipedia page’ has now become the most searched topic, attracting the attention of his well-wishers.

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Ivor Robson Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Late announcer Ivor Robson Wikipedia page is not available as of this writing. However, few articles have mentioned Ivor Robson’s obituary after his death.

The legendary Open Championship first-tee announcer passed away recently at 83 years old. Reportedly, Mr Robson was born in 1940.

Robson started his career as the first-tee announcer at The Open in 1975. He began his job at Carnoustie.

For nearly 41 years, Robson served as a first-tee fixture, having never missed a championship or a tee time. Likewise, he was dedicated to his work as he famously avoided bathroom breaks.

In his distinctive Scottish accent, Robson began thousands of rounds at The Open and on the DP World Tour. Similarly, the late announcer was famous for his signature, “On the tee …” introduction.

Ivor Robson Wikipedia
Ivor Robson Wikipedia: The legendary announcer died at 83. (Source: Daily Mail)

After Robson’s passing, R&A CEO Martin Slumbers released a heartfelt condolence post reading: 

We are deeply saddened to hear of Ivor’s passing. His voice was instantly recognizable and synonymous with the championship for players and millions of golf fans worldwide.

I know fellow golfers will share our sadness at this news.

Moreover, Robson was popular and well-respected among all golfers who played in The Open. 

The announcer worked his final Open at St. Andrews in 2015. Likewise, he worked his final event in November at the European tour season finale in Dubai.

Moreover, the beloved announcer announced his retirement in 2015.

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Meet Ivor Robson Wife And Family

Announcer Ivor Robson tied the knot with Lesley. Also, their shared journey through marriage and parenthood was marked by a fascinating balance of personal growth and sports announcing.

Esteemed English sports announcer Ivor Robson experienced significant moments in his personal life, including his married life with Lesley.

Robson was married to his wife for 61 years. Likewise, the two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, brought together by their close family and friends, creating a joyful atmosphere.

Ivor and Lesley marked a pivotal moment in their marital life. However, Lesley is unfamiliar with the spotlight as she seeks privacy during this difficult time.

The couple’s alliance combined their experiences, interests, and challenges. Similarly, Ivor and Lesley created a tapestry of shared experiences.

Beyond the limelight of their respective careers, the sports announcer navigated the intricacies of parenthood with his wife as they both raised children in their blended family.

Robson and his wife exemplify the balance as romantic partners and companions in facing life’s adventures and challenges.

Net Worth Of Ivor Robson 

Ivor Robson’s net worth is not confirmed. The sports announcer lived a secretive life, mainly remaining tight-lipped regarding his earnings.

Also, Robson rarely mentioned much about his net worth and fortune to the media.

Looking at the announcer’s experience, he may have earned a decent income.

As suggested by Salary Expert, an average sports announcer makes at least 85,890 annually in Europe. Based on Robson’s fame and experience, the mentioned figure could have varied. 

Ivor Robson Wikipedia and net worth
Ivor Robson Wikipedia: The late announcer retired in 2015. (Source: BBC)

Robson gained fame working as an Open Championship first-tee announcer. 

Despite his retirement in 2015, Robson remained dedicated to sports and continued inspiring many.

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