Ivana Alawi Boyfriend – Is She Dating Marco Gumbo? Family And Age Revealed

Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi Boyfriend? Is She Dating Marco Gumbo? Family And Age Revealed are the most concerning question currently being raised on the internet. Ivana Alawi is a Filipino actress. Read the below’s article to know more about her.

Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alawi, professionally known as Ivana Alawi, is a famous and well-known Filipino model, YouTuber and actress.

She began her career in 2014 as a model and actor, but she quickly rose to fame thanks to her YouTube channel, which she launched in 2018. 

With more than 18 million subscribers as of now, her channel offers vlogs, challenges, and sketches. Ivana is a role model for many young Filipinos thanks to her videos’ distinctive and captivating substance.

Ivana has also appeared in several films and TV shows, including “Mea Culpa: Sino Ang May Sala?,” Ang Lihim on Annasandra,” and “Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa: The Admittance.” 

She has received numerous honors and accolades for her performances, including the 33rd PMPC Star Awards for Television’s Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actress.

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Ivana Alawi Boyfriend – Is She Dating Marco Gumbo?

Online reports say South African billionaire Marco Gumbo and Ivana Alawi are dating. Ivana and Marco haven’t verified or rejected the reports, though.

In a widely shared video, the two were first seen together relaxing at a resort in El Nido, Palawan. Fans began assuming that they were dating after the video instantly went viral.

Ivana Alawi Boyfriend
Ivana Alawi enjoying her vacation. (Source: Instagram)

Ivana and Marco have since appeared in a number of more pictures and films together.

They seem to be spending a lot of time together and enjoying each other’s company. They haven’t, however, made any official declarations regarding the nature of their connection.

Ivana Alawi Family Background

Ivana Alwawi was born in Manila, Philippines. Alawi was raised in Bahrain by a Moroccan Father and a Filipino mother. She eventually received the entirety of her Father’s wealth after his passing in 2018 as the third of four children. Mona Alawi, a former child Actress, is her youngest sibling.

She goes by the name Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alawi and is of mixed Moroccan and Filipino ancestry.

Ivana Alawi persevered and put forth a lot of effort to realize her aspirations in spite of the difficulties she encountered growing up. Her difficult upbringing and personal experience with poverty motivated her to work as an advocate for disadvantaged kids and families.

Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi advertising for Perfume Dessert London. (Source: Instagram)

Ivana has contributed to a number of humanitarian initiatives, including constructing homes for deserving families and giving to charities that support underserved groups.

She also uses her social media channels to encourage her followers to provide a hand to people in need and bring attention to social issues.

Ivana has gained the respect and admiration of her fans and peers for her commitment to giving back to her community, and she keeps using her platform to change the world.

Ivana Alawi Age

Ivana Alawi was born in Manila, Philippines, on December 25, 1996. She is 27 years old as of 2024.

Ivana has gained notoriety in the entertainment business and success on YouTube through her acting career.

She has acted in a number of TV episodes and motion pictures, displaying her acting flexibility.

Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi advertising for Jag Jeans. (Source: Instagram)

Ivana has won multiple awards for her performances, including nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the 41st Gawad Urian Awards and the 33rd PMPC Star Awards for Television.

Ivana is dedicated to honing her skills and taking on new challenges despite her demanding profession.

Her creativity, perseverance, and commitment to her trade never cease to amaze her followers. Ivana Alawi is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business with her tremendous accomplishments at such a young age, and her star only continues to rise.

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