Is Michael Barnett Married In 2023? Parents Age And Wiki

Michael Barnett

Is Michael Barnett married in 2023? Let’s find out if Michael is married again this year. Viewers are requested to read the article, as this article will inform viewers about Michael’s parents, age, and wiki in a detailed form.

Barnett, an individual who became the center of a highly publicized case, captured the curiosity of many due to his involvement in the abandonment of his adopted daughter, Natalia.

Back in 2019, he and his ex-wife, Kristine Barnett, faced accusations of leaving Natalia, whom they had adopted from Ukraine, in an orphanage when she was just 11 years old.

What made this case even more intriguing were the contrasting claims made by the Barnetts and the prosecutors.

The Barnetts maintained that Natalia was not a child but an adult masquerading as one, and they argued that she posed a threat to their own safety.

However, the prosecutor put forth a different narrative, asserting that the Barnetts abandoned Natalia primarily due to her disabilities and to avoid financial responsibilities.

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Is Michael Barnett Married In 2023?

Is Michael Barnett getting married in 2023? There are no facts about Michael being married to someone in 2023 as of the date of writing and publishing this article.

Natalia made an appearance on the Dr. Phil show in November 2019, where she had the opportunity to tell her own story.

During the televised interview, she was seated alongside Antwon and Cynthia Mans, a couple from Indiana who took her in after the Barnett family abandoned her.

Is Michael Barnett married
What Happened to the Couple Who Adopted a Ukrainian Child but Came to Believe She Was an Adult? (Source: Distractify)

Despite being aware of the abuse allegations made by Kristine and Michel Barnett, Man’s family showed no apprehension.

Cynthia expressed their perspective by stating, “We have other children. We have a grandson. She does nothing but love her siblings and her nephew.”

According to Michael, the family relocated to Canada from Indiana to support their exceptionally talented 15-year-old son during his college years.

However, some critics argue that the moves were actually driven by the intention to abandon Natalia.

Michael Barnett’s parents

There are no details about Michael Barnett’s parents and their respective professions as he has not revealed their identities.

On April 26, 2010, the Barnett couple made the decision to adopt an orphan from a center in Florida.

They believed that by welcoming a six-year-old child into their home, they were providing a loving environment for someone in need. 

In a documentary, Michael reflects on the timing of their decision, describing their life as “fantastic” at that point. They were raising their three sons, had a significant amount of money in the bank, and had just moved into a new home. 

Michael Barnett
Adopted child’ Natalia Grace’s dad Michael Barnett reveals telltale signs she was a 22-year-old woman (Source: MEAWW)

However, their seemingly perfect life took a drastic turn. Michel recounts that by 2014, he was left with only 37 cents in his bank account, he had gone through a divorce, lost his children and home, and was unemployed. 

He expresses the belief that if Natalia had never entered their lives, these negative events might not have occurred. 

The Barnetts’ dream life turned into a nightmare when they started to realize that Natalia Grace exhibited violent and threatening behavior, which caused them great concern and distress.

Michael Barnett Age and Wiki 

Unfortunately, the details about Michael’s age remain unknown as no sources have confirmed his actual age.

The Barnett couple is at the center of the controversial case involving their adopted daughter, Natalia, Michael and Kristine Barnett have faced a tumultuous series of legal proceedings and personal challenges. 

Furthermore, the couple found themselves facing charges related to neglecting a dependent, which added more complexity to their situation. 

Michael Barnett
Dad who claims he adopted violent adult ‘masquerading’ as 6-year-old breaks down over ‘abuse’ (Source: New York Post)

However, prosecutors encountered a hurdle in the legal process as they were unable to charge the Barnetts with neglect of a child due to a court-ordered change in Natalia’s age.

The case took a dramatic turn when, in October 2022, Michael Barnett was acquitted of three neglect charges and conspiracy to commit neglect of a dependent. This development garnered attention from Fox News.

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