Is Lovi Poe Illegitimate Child? Fernando Poe Jr. Wife And Kids

Is Lovi Poe Illegitimate Child

Is Lovi Poe illegitimate child? Her latest family update excites everyone. Fans wonder if her early family life is sugary like her recent married life.

Gorgeous Filpino star Lovi Poe is the daughter of late actor Fernando Poe Jr. and actress Rowena Moran.

Lovi Poe is a Filipino model, actress, and recording artist. Likewise, she began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age.

Poe debuted in the TV series Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka.

Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe, named Lovi Poe, was recognized for playing lead roles in two hit GMA drama series.

She played Sheila in Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real, and Kristal in Bakekang.

In 2010. Poe received her first Best Actress award at the Cinmelaya Independent Film Festival. Likewise, she won the award for playing the role of Lilibeth in Mayohan.

Moreover, Poe received the 2010 FAMAS Best Actress Award for playing the character of Kath Asero in Sagrada Familia.

Besides acting, Poe is famous for her singing talent. Poe has showcased her vocal talent in several events.

Poe’s charisma and dedication have made her one of the sought-after stars in the Philippines’ showbiz.

Recently, she released “Bloom,” her follow-up album, via SonyBMG.

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Is Lovi Poe Illegitimate Child? Fernando Poe Jr. Wife And Kids

Mayohan actress Lovi Poe was born to Fernando Poe Jr. and his wife Rowena Moran on 11 February 1989. Likewise, she hails from Quezon City, Philippines.

Is Lovi Poe Illegitimate Child? No, she is not an illegitimate kid of her parents. According to, Fernando Poe Jr. admitted fathering an illegitimate child out of wedlock.

However, Lovi is not one of them. Lovi’s mother, Rowena, formerly worked in the show biz. Similarly, she is a former actress and model.

Lovi’s mother, commonly known as the beauty queen, became recognized for her work in Kapag Puno Na ang Salop. 

In an interview, Rowena’s daughter, Lovi, paid tribute to her mother. Likewise, she said Rowena raised her singlehandedly.

Lovi suggested that her mother helped her become the sincere, strong, and grounded woman she is now.

Is Lovi Poe Illegitimate Child
Is Lovi Poe Illegitimate Child? No, The Filipino actress is the daughter of Fernando Poe Jr. and Rowena Moran. (Source: GMA Network)

Unfortunately, Lovi’s father, Fernando, died on 14 December 2004. Fernando was a famous Filipino politician and actor. 

Moreover, he served as a film director, producer, and screenwriter.

Lovi admitted that she is proud to be her dad’s daughter. However, she said that she wasn’t close to him growing up. Her mother raised her solo.

Lovi also revealed that she likes privacy, just like her mother, which is one of their common similarities. According to Lovi, her mother doesn’t like to be seen in public. She says:

My mother doesn’t want to be spotlighted. She is very private. She is always there for me. 

My mom’s not kikay. She is elegant and classy. Try her on anything, my mom will rock like a queen.

It is evident that Lovi sees her mom as an inspiration. Likewise, she taught her daughter to respect and be considerate of others.

Lovi copies her mother’s caring ways. Now that the actress is married, she might find herself in her mother’s position. 

Poe is devoted to her family, as hinted by the snaps she posts on her Instagram.

Furthermore, Lovi Poe has three siblings. Grace Poe is one of them who is a politician and businesswoman.

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Lovi Poe Latest Marriage Update

Lovi Poe wedding rumor buzzes with speculation. She and her longtime boyfriend, Monty Blencowe, are getting married.

Latest reports from Filpino tabloids stirred debate about Poe tying the knot. Likewise, hints from insiders close to the actress suggested that Poe and Blencowe are married. 

As per the Manila Times, Lovi Poe tied the knot with Monty Blencowe on Saturday, 26 August. Their wedding ceremony was held at the historic Cliveden House.

The newlywed pair’s wedding venue was planned to be at the UK’s finest luxury hotels.

The news of their wedding gained momentum as paparazzi spotted Poe and her beau during a romantic dinner near her residence. 

Is Lovi Poe Illegitimate Child
Lovi Poe Wedding: The Filipino star is in a relationship with Monty Blencowe. (Source: latestchika)

Likewise, Poe’s marriage update came hot after the engagement speculation, adding a layer of intrigue to her personal affair. 

Lovi’s husband, Montgomery Blencowe, “Monty,” is an LA-based English film producer. Similarly, Monty is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur. 

He hails from Brighton, England. Monty is the son of television executive Blencowe. Also, his grandfather, Gabe Mercado, was a famous Filipino actor.

Prominent executive producer Blencowe has worked on many noteworthy films, including The Prince, Heist, Marauders, and Escape Plan.

Besides being a gifted producer, Blencowe is a physicist. Likewise, he is employed at the University of California.

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