Is Lauren Ash Gay Rumors True? Boyfriend And Relationship Details

Lauren Ash Gay

There are rumors about Lauren Ash’s romantic preferences. Some suggest she is dating a co-star, while others wonder if she is exploring her sexuality. Let’s explore her gay rumors.

Lauren Elizabeth Ash is a funny lady from Canada. She is famous for acting and making people laugh on Superstore’s TV show, where she plays Dina Fox.

But that is not all she has done.

Lauren has also been part of a fantastic comedy group called Second City Toronto Mainstage and was in a duo called “Cory!” doing sketch comedy.

What is neat about Ash is she has won awards for being so good at improv and acting.

She got two Canadian Comedy Awards for being the best at making stuff up on the spot in 2006 and 2007.

Plus, Elizabeth has won for her acting on TV and in movies like Almost Heroes and Dirty Singles. She hosts a podcast with her cousin called “True Crime and Cocktails.”

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Is Lauren Ash Gay Rumors True?

Lauren Ash’s gay rumors are making headlines all over the internet. Nonetheless, there is no evidence to suggest that she is gay. 

Lauren Ash Gay
Lauren Ash is in a happy relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the actress is currently in a happy relationship with Jorge Berrios.

She has not talked about her sexual orientation publicly, but her romantic involvement with a man shows that she is straight.

Respecting people’s privacy and not making assumptions about their personal lives is essential.

The star’s focus seems to be on her career, comedy, and relationships rather than discussing her sexual orientation in the public eye.

Also, it is common for people to speculate about celebrities’s personal lives, but unless someone confirms it themselves, it is best not to make assumptions.

What matters most is that Lauren is happy and successful in her career and relationships.

As fans, it is essential to support her work and respect her privacy, regardless of her sexual orientation.

Lauren Ash Boyfriend

Lauren Ash appears to be dating Jorge Berrios. Her Instagram posts often feature him with warm-hearted captions and pictures.

Jorge Berrios is an actor who has shared his acting resume online. He is a part of the Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), which means he is serious about his craft.

On social media, the TV actress’s partner often uses the hashtag #BLM to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jorge has a special someone in his life named Lauren. They are close because the couple posted pictures together on social media.

It is clear that the pair enjoy spending time together and have a strong bond.

Additionally, Jorge divides his time between Miami and Los Angeles. He might be involved in the entertainment industry, which is prominent in both cities.

Lauren Ash Relationship Details

Lauren Ash is a fantastic partner who shared a special moment with her significant other, Jorge Berrios.

The two have a unique bond, evidenced by their Valentine’s Day message and their adventures together.

Lauren Ash Gay
Lauren Ash and Jorge Berrios are together. (Source: Instagram)

Whether dressing for a fancy Vanity Fair party or rocking muumuus for a casual Red Lobster outing, the duo is equally supportive and enthusiastic.

Their relationship appears to be built on love, fun, and understanding. One particular birthday post by Lauren stands out.

The comedian took her partner’s special day to express her feelings. She showed her gratitude to Jorge for supporting her dream.

Their relationship seems filled with laughter and genuine affection.

They cherish each other’s company and create lasting memories through shared experiences, no matter how unexpected they may be.

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