Is Lamont Butler Related To Jimmy Butler? Family Tree And Ethnicity

Lamont Butler

Famous basketball players Lamont Butler and Jimmy Butler gained much popularity due to their skills on the court. However, their followers have been curious about their family tree. Is Lamont Butler Related To Jimmy Butler?

Lamont Butler plays junior guard for San Diego State University. He recently received fame by hitting a buzzer-beating shot. His presence sent his squad to its first-ever national championship game in school history.

During his high school games, the player broke Reggie Miller’s scoring record and became a Leader and legend for the Aztecs. He became a three-star recruit in the 2020 class. 

San Diego State freshman Lamont has impactful stats appearing in 30 games, averaging 2.2 assists, 5.1 points, and 1.8 steals.

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Is Lamont Butler Related To Jimmy Butler? 

Most viewers are in a dilemma about whether Lamont Butler is related to Jimmy Butler because of their similarities.

Since they both have the same surnames and are involved in the same profession, people get confused.

However, despite having the same surname, Lamont is not biologically related to Jimmy. Both stars are basketball players and have similar looks and profiles. Their striking resemblance makes followers fascinate if they are brothers, but they are not. 

Lamont Butler sister
Lamont Butler is celebrating victory with his San Deigo State teammates. (Source: Morganton News Herald)

But behind Lamont’s striking presence on the court is a hidden tragic story of his sister’s loss. Lamont has been coping with the grief for more than a year.

Young SDSU player Lamont had a sister, Asasha Lache Hall. He called her sister Sasha. Sadly, Sasha passed away in January 2022. She was shot and killed at her home in Hemet, California.

Lamont’s sister was his biggest supporter and fan, as she often cheered him. Sasha, 28, left behind her two kids, a daughter and a son.

Lamont saw his sister as a role model, describing her as “a wonderful human being inside and out.”

He described his late sister’s presence during his games in an interview with ESPN, saying:

“I remember her every day. She was one of my biggest supporters, watching me play the game I love. She’s probably up there happy right now.”

Speaking of Jimmy Butler III, shortly Jimmy, is an American professional basketball player. The NBA player was born on 14 September 1989. He plays for the Miami Heat. 

Jimmy is from Houston. Speaking of his family, Jimmy Butler’s Father abandoned the family when he was an infant.

Also, his biological mother kicked him out of the House when he was 13. Eventually, he lived in the Houston suburb of Tomball.

Regarding Jimmy Butler’s relatives and siblings, he has a brother Jordan Leslie. Jimmy’s brother Leslie is a former American Football wide receiver.

Since Lamont and Jimmy have nothing in common and come from different family backgrounds, they are not biologically related. But they both are driven to the same basketball career. 

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Lamont Butler Family Tree And Ethnicity

San Diego State University Guard Lamont Butler is the son of Carmicha Butler and Lamont Butler Sr. His family has supported his basketball career. 

Lamont was born to an American family in Riverside, California, on 9 June 2002. He stands 6’1″ tall (185 cm) and weighs 84 kg (185 pounds).

Lamont Butler family tree
Lamont Butler family tree. (Source: Instagram)

Lamont has a large family consisting of two elder sisters, Aaliyah and Asasha, and a junior brother, Landon.

His Father and siblings pushed him to pursue his basketball dreams as he grew up playing basketball with them at local parks. 

Lamont’s family admitted him to Riverside Poly High School. He began as a four-year varsity starter and became a three-time team captain. Lamont’s family and his siblings saw him as a role model.

The Mountain West ranks the college sophomore second in steals and 104th in NCAA. 

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