Is Justin Trudeau Racist? Ethnicity Religion And Faith

Justin Trudeau racist

Justin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Liberal Party. Is Justin Trudeau Racist? find out. 

He is the second-youngest Canadian Prime Minister ever and the first child of a previous PM, as the eldest son of Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau attended Jean-de-Brebeuf College and graduated from McGill University in 1994 with a BA in literature.

1998 he earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia.

After teaching in Vancouver, he returned to Montreal in 2002 for more studies.

He chaired the Katimavik youth charity and the Canadian Avalanche Association.

In 2006, the PM of Canada was appointed chair of the Liberal Party’s Task Force on Youth Renewal.

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Is Justin Trudeau Racist?

Is Justin Trudeau racist? No, the current Prime Minister of Canada is not racist.

He faces these scandals because in 2001, while working as a teacher at a private school, Justin attended a party wearing brownface makeup, photos reveal.

The images show Trudeau, now the Prime Minister of Canada, dressed up in brownface, which darkened his face and hands, at an event at the school.

Justin Trudeau racist
Justin Trudeau’s racist topic has been creating headlines on online news portals (Source: BBC)

The school party photos have spotlighted Justin’s past act of darkening his skin for a costume, an act he has apologized for.

So while serving as a teacher in 2001, he made the misguided and racist choice to wear brownface makeup at a private school party, a fact he has been confronted with during his time as PM.

However, the second-youngest Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, being racist is just a misunderstanding circulating the internet lately.

Justin Trudeau ethnicity

Justin Trudeau’s ancestry is predominantly a mix of Scottish and French-Canadian heritage.

His grandfathers were businessman Charles-Émile Trudeau and Scottish-born James Sinclair, a cabinet minister under Louis St. Laurent.

The current PM of Canada also has Indonesian roots through his maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Bernard, who immigrated to Penticton, BC, in 1906 at age 15 with his family.

He is a distant descendant of Major-General William Farquhar, a founder of modern Singapore, through the Bernard family’s ties to the Earls of Bandon.

Justin Trudeau racist
Justin Trudeau is of mixed ethnicity (Source: BBC)

Trudeau has remote ethnic Malaccan and Nia ancestry as well through the Bernard lineage.

Therefore, Justin has a diverse family history, including Scottish, French Canadian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaccan, and Nias lineages.

His mixed ethnic background reflects both European and Asian heritages.

This varied ancestry connects him to pioneers in business, public service, and nation-building spanning Canada, the UK, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Justin Trudeau’s Religion and Faith 

Justin Trudeau identifies as a Christian and is a devoted follower of the Christian Faith.

He was baptized as an infant at Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa on January 16, 1972, with his father’s niece Anne Rouleau-Danis as godmother and his mother’s brother-in-law Thomas Walker as godfather.

Trudeau has maintained his Christian beliefs from his baptism onward.

His adherence to Christianity and Catholic rites early in life indicates his continued Faith today.

Justin Trudeau racist
Justin Trudeau follows the Christian religion (source: TIME)

While Trudeau does not frequently discuss personal religious matters publicly, his Christian background and baptism suggest he remains true to the religion he was raised in.

So while Trudeau does not overtly exhibit his spirituality, his lifelong identification with Christianity, beginning with his infancy baptism, points to his steadfast Christian Faith.

He keeps specific personal beliefs discreet, but his actions affirm his identity as a follower of Christianity.

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