Kevin Dietz Wife: Melissa Dietz Obituary Death Cause And Illness

Melissa Dietz

Melissa Dietz sudden death from heart failure on June 13, 2023 has has captivated the internet. Melissa Dietz Obituary Death Cause And Illness

We remember Melissa Ann Dietz as a highly dedicated professional whose stellar career had long-lasting impacts.

Having completed her Master’s in Business Administration from Lake Superior State University, she served as an account director with Morley Companies in Saginaw for over two decades before joining The Bowdoin Group as a talent acquisition expert in February 2019.

However, despite all these professional accomplishments, we experienced heartache upon news of Melissa’s unexpected passing on June 14th of 2023 – leaving behind a dynamic legacy characterized by professionalism and hard work.

She shared almost three decades of love and cherished memories with Kevin Dietz, someone that fulfilled every aspect of “partner” beautifully.

Melissa Dietz Obituary

On Desmond Funeral Home’s website, Melissa Dietz’s obituary may be located exclusively since it is a family-owned funeral home catering to more significant communities of the Bath-Brunswick area for generations.

The state of Maine has imparted Green Burial Council certification solely upon this establishment.

Melissa Dietz Obituary
Melissa Dietz Obituary page. (source: desmondfuneralhome)

Additionally, Missy drew over daily devotion from reading scripture which facilitated the building of deeply rooted faith and spirituality.

Being social and lively, she radiated happiness with her infectious laughter.

Her optimism reflected enthusiasm for life while exploring the world energized her zestful soul.

Enthusiasm Missy brought about at any gathering became that extraordinary sparkblithely breathing life into it.

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Melissa Dietz Death Cause

Melissa Ann Dietz – fondly called Missy by many- passed away at 57 due to heart failure on June 13th, 2023. Her sudden death has left her loved ones grieving deeply over their loss.

Melissa lived passionately in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where she was held dear for being an outgoing person with unwavering love toward everyone she engaged with.

Melissas’ parents Judy and Jim Maybank, were proud parents who welcomed their baby girl on July 11th, 1965.

She grew up alongside her siblings Mindy Marr and Pete Maybank, whose childhood memories were full of joyous moments together.

Even though Melissa’s obituary states that heart failure led to her death, it brings awareness about how life can be vulnerable, so appreciating the time spent making beautiful memories becomes essential.

Many people feel a deep emptiness from Melissas’ absence due to how cheerful she was, which impacted people’s lives by adding laughter and sunshine. 

Imagine feeling this type of void every day like those who knew Melissa. Thus her painful passing reminds us to cherish the relationships we have created and all the joys shared because life is always unpredictable.

Melissa Dietz Illness 

It remains unclear whether or not Melissa Ann Dietz had any illness before her tragic death from heart failure.

Missy was a doting mother whose warm nature and boundless love formed the bedrock of her family lives. Kevin, Isabelle, and Lexi were very special to her.

They brought immense joy into every aspect of her being- leading Missy to remain an unwavering supporter throughout their successes and failures.

Melissa Dietz
The funeral arrangements include a viewing on Friday, June 16th, at the A.J. Desmond & Sons Funeral home. (source: legacy)

Melissa’s life story does not mention any specific ailment she may have had. Instead, the emphasis is on honoring her meaningful life with loved ones.

Her viewing will be held on Friday, June 16th, at A.J Desmond & Sons Funeral Home in Royal Oak, followed by a Funeral Mass service on Saturday, June 17th at St Hugo of The Hills Church in Bloomfield Hills.

The service will also be available for online viewing.

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