TikToker Won Jeong Wiki – Who Is He? Crime And Rape Charges

Won Jeong Wiki

Have you delved into Won Jeong Wiki to uncover the intriguing chapters of his life, or is there more to this TikTok sensation’s story than meets the eye?

Won Jeong Wiki provides a comprehensive guide to his life, career, and the intricacies surrounding his public image.

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of this social media influencer, now’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Won Jeong’s story.

Your quest for information about this TikTok sensation takes center stage here as we explore the highs and lows that define Won Jeong’s intriguing narrative.

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TikToker Won Jeong Wiki – Who Is He?

Won Jeong, a.k.a. Ox Zung, is a well-known South Korean musician and TikTok celebrity.

His extraordinary lip-sync and singing videos on TikTok, which attracted a large following, marked the beginning of his rise to fame.

Won Jeong first majored in audio engineering in college. He then went on to work in the business sector before realizing that the Military Band was where he belonged. There, he performed and showed off his musical abilities.

Won Jeong wiki
Won Jeong Wiki provides a comprehensive overview, shedding light on his background, achievements, and challenges. (Image Source: Instagram)

His unanticipated social media ascent to stardom began with a widely shared video showing him laughingly turning a lamp on and off, which caused a power outage.

His unique, high-pitched cry for “mama” gave a humorous touch that connected with viewers and helped him become a successful influencer.

Won Jeong advanced in the music industry in 2021 when he first appeared in the “Hey My Love” music video by GREENER.

He continues to make an enduring impression in the entertainment industry as the CEO of Mama and Ox Zung and Won Jeong, respectively, displaying his wide range of skills and endearing demeanor.

Won Jeong Crime And Recent Controversy

The popular TikToker Won Jeong, better known by his stage name Mama Boy Ox Zung, was taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault, according to a report from SBS News on December 22.

According to reports, Won Jeong and a companion drank drinks with a female acquaintance before the event.

The female was reportedly forced to drink until she passed out, and while she was still unconscious, she was sexually raped at the home of another buddy.

Won Jeong Wiki
Won Jeong faced a major controversy as he was arrested for alleged involvement in a troubling incident. (Image Source: Instagram)

On December 12, the victim made a police complaint that resulted in Won Jeong and his accomplice’s detention. 

The victim, who is believed to be the anonymous reporter, revealed specifics of the July event.

She stated that after going out for drinks with Won Jeong and a male friend, she felt under pressure to drink more and finally passed out.

Won Jeong and his friends allegedly refused to be taken into custody even after they confessed to the police, requiring the fire brigade to step in.

With more than 55.6 million followers on TikTok, Won Jeong is well-known for his viral content.

However, his popularity has significantly decreased since the scandal surfaced. Even if he told the police that he had a consensual relationship with the victim, more information should come to light during the court process.

Notably, accusations against the victim’s alleged unlawful filming were dismissed for lack of proof.

Netizens quickly identified Won Jeong, despite SBS referring to him as “Influencer A” in their reporting.

This contrasts sharply with his prior status as a well-known social media influencer and Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023 listee.

Won Jeong Crime Charges

Following his arrest on suspicion of sexual assault, Won Jeong is facing significant legal accusations.

The event that allegedly happened on a night out with a female acquaintance is the basis for the charges.

The victim allegedly lost consciousness as a result of forced alcohol consumption, and she was then sexually assaulted at a different place.

The victim’s police report on December 12 resulted in Won Jeong and his friend’s detention, which exposed the allegations.

Commencing on December 15, the investigation is gaining momentum as the prosecution prepares for the first court trial, which is set for January 17, 2024.

Won Jeong may get a sentence of seven years in jail if proven guilty. Even if he claims they had a consensual encounter, the result of these serious allegations will be primarily determined by the court process.

Notably, there is no longer any evidence to support the allegations against the victim for allegedly being illegally filmed.

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