Is Jazz Jennings Using A Drug For Weight Loss? Health And Family Details

Jazz Jennings Drug

Jazz Jennings drug use for weight loss is a hot topic on the internet, but she said some medications made her gained weight. Jazz is an American actress, Youtuber, TV personality and LGBTQ rights activist.

Jennings was born on 6th October 2000, in the United States of America. She is an actress and director famous for directing Painting Leah and acting in Bella Maddo and Denim. Jazz was a chubby girl, but she decided to lose some weight.

She started to share the weight loss journey with all her fans and followers, sharing workouts and her brother Sander. The 22 years old star was the youngest person to claim as transgender in media from 2015; on the television show where she revealed her sexuality.

She also shared the complications regarding medical appointments, mental health and other issues. However, Jazz’s latest journey with her fandom is her weight loss journey. She also shared her workout videos on Instagram, where she worked out with her brother and captioned the session as Boot camp with Sander.

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Her brother said she woke up early in the morning with entire motivation before the workout session. She started the session with jumping jacks, planks, and wall sits. Although having total basis, her brother shared that she struggled after a few minutes of exercise.

Is Jazz Jennings Using A Drug For Weight Loss?

There is no crucial evidence about Jazz using some Drugs for weight loss. However, she said she was suffering from an eating disorder and was addicted to eating food in large quantities. She said the weight gain was mainly caused by binge eating and some medications.

Jazz Jennings Drug
Jazz Jennings shared her picture before and after she gained 100 pounds.(Source: Instagram)

She posted the photos on social media to address her weight gain and hold herself and said she was ready for the change. She has always been more vocal about all her difficulties with her body image but also shared the loving and body positivity as it is.

No matter her size, she will always be the same Jazz.  She just wanted to lose some weight because she wanted to cut the food she consumes and lose weight for a healthier life.

Jazz’s supporters showed love and support on her social media and cheered her hard work. After becoming comfortable with herself, she shared photos of herself in 2021, gaining about 100 pounds in two years.

Jazz Jennings Health

After revealing her significant weight gain on social media, Jazz told her followers about her binge eating disorder that increased her appetite. It was due to the disease and some medications she had taken. She later confessed that she felt trapped inside her own body.

Jazz Jennings Drug
Jazz Jennings attending an event where her weight loss process seems noticable. (Source: The Sun)

Jazz also got fat shaming by her family members and felt humiliated. In July 2022, She started sharing her weight loss progress on social media, posting slightly sweaty pictures of herself after playing physical games.

Later she started working out twice a day to increase the intensity of the workout, and for the faster results, she wanted. Her brother has always supported her since the beginning of the journey. Sander was a workout partner and moral support for Jazz.

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The pair of siblings later started to post videos of their morning jogging session with the caption pushing it.

Jazz Jennings Family Details

Jazz Jennings was born in South Florida, US, to her parents, Greg Jennings and Jeannette Jennings. However, the Jennings surname is just a pseudonym. The family of Jennings are Jewish, and their last name is long and Jewish. Jazz has an elder sister named Ari, and two elder brothers are twins named Sander and Griffen.

Jazz Jennings Drug
Jazz Jennings with all her family members. (Source: Glamour)

Sander was the one who helped her to lose weight in the initial phase of the journey. Jazz Jennings was claimed as male by birth but was later diagnosed with gender dysphoria at five. She was one of the youngest identified as a transgender teen in public documentation.

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