Did Jansen Panettiere Commit Suicide? Drugs Use Allegations And Health Condition

Jansen Panettiere Suicide

Jansen Panettiere is suspected of committing suicide on February 19th, 2023.  Jansen was a well-known American actor popularly known for his roles in movies like The Last Day of Summer, Robots, and The fog.

The actor Jansen Panettiere died at the age of 28. The brother of actress Hayden Panettiere died over the weekend in New York City. The real reason behind the star’s death is not publicized yet the strong source like TMZ have reported that the law enforcement does not suspect any foul play.

There are also reports on the incident that says it happened at the apartment of the actor himself in upstate New York. Jansen was close with his sister Hayden and remained close till his death. He posted a sweet and loving photo of them about a month before he passed away.

The brother and sister spoke about the relationship and closeness in a TV guide in 2007. In the interview, Jansen told how it feels to have a sister like Hayden, and he said she was an inspiration.

Jansen Panettiere Suicide And Drugs Use

Actor Jansen Panettiere who played multiple major roles in Major Crimes, Shia Labeouf’s TV show Even Stevens, Blue’s clue, Robot, and ice age, never acknowledged drug addiction. But, he also once claimed that he was a good person and was not involved in any illegal stuff or at least had not harmed anyone in his surrounding doing illicit things.

Jansen Panettiere Suicide
Jansen Panettiere admiring graffiti art. (Source: Instagram)

Jansen also said he had done drugs but did not steal and said that he never stole anything from anyone like a wrong person and was always far from stealing. He had the moment in his life like everyone does and was frustrated with all the acting things around him and said he would take the addiction out like the clothes he had on. The statement was in Daily Mail.

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Jansen received a nominee for the young artist award in 2008 for his incredible acting skills in the movie The last day of summer. He shared about his terrible anxiety and found a solution in arts. He also stated that after spending his adult life in Los Angeles.

He was driven by terrible anxiety and depression; however, that phrase made him clear spiritually about the solution to his problems, and he started painting the issues one after another. Jansen had painted over fifty art pieces and healed himself and others with his vibrant and visceral work.

Jansen Panettiere Allegations

Jansen once talked about his addiction and said he was in the state of life that everyone goes through. He also said he would throw his addiction just like a piece of clothes.

Jansen Panettiere Suicide
Jansen Panettiere and his sister Hayden Panettiere. (Source: The Sun US)

Apart from Janson, his sister Hayden Panettiere confessed to her addiction to opioids and alcohol. In a Good Morning America interview, the actress said she suffered from substance abuse and battling postpartum depression.

Jansen Panettiere Health Condition

The health condition Panettiere was pretty standard physically, but he was facing issues with his mental health. He was suffering from anxiety and depression after he moved to LA.

Before the death of the actor, a source from the close one claimed that he was having a rough time with all his career choices and was dragging himself in multiple directions.

Jansen Panettiere Suicide
Jansen Panettiere and Hayden Panettiere attend a boxing match. (Source: Hello Magazine)

Hayden, Jansen’s sister, was one of his best friends and only sibling. The lovely and talented actor was living o the edge of his life. He stated in an interview that Haydon was his inspiration, and he learned a lot from her in recent years.

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