Is Ivy Queen Transgender? Husband Age And Daughter Of The Singer

Ivy Queen

The rumor of Ivy Queen being transgender has circulated the internet for a really long time. The fans of the powerful rapper have been curious to know whether the rumors are true or fake.

A Puerto Rican singer, rapper, composer, and actress by the name of Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodriguez is better known by her stage name, Ivy Queen.

The singer’s genres in music are hip hop, Latin, and reggaetón, which is a kind of music that first appeared in Panama in the late 1980s.

Despite being born on a Caribbean island, the artist was raised in New York as her parents moved to the city when she was young.

However, the musician only completed the eleventh grade of high school on the mainland of the United States and pursued music studies at the New Jersey School of Performing Arts.

Ivy made her debut in 1995 with the single “Somos Raperos Pero No Delincuentes” from the fifth CD in the series.

The musician was recently spotted at Premio Lo Nuestro, a Spanish-language awards ceremony celebrating the best Latin music and hosted by the American-based Spanish-language television network Univision.

Is Ivy Queen Transgender?

No, the Latin singer is not transgender. The speculation that the artist was trans was due to her way of rapping, as she sounded like a man.

According to Balabbeando, the musician addressed the rumors that she was transgender and gay in a Dominican publication, saying, “I think like a male, rap like one, but I am no lesbian.”

Ivy Queen Transgender
The artist at the back stage of Premio Lo Nuestro. (Source: Instagram)

However, the songwriter always supports her gay fans and the LGBTQ+ community, despite the fact that she is not part of it.

Also in 2015, the singer was spotted supporting transgender adolescents as she tweeted in response to tweets from Demi Lovato, who was also promoting a documentary on the transgender experience as lived by six-year-old Ryland Whittington and his supportive parents, Hillary and Jeff.

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Ivy Queen Husband And Age

The rapper’s marital status is married. She married her loving husband Xavier Sánchez in 2015, who is a choreographer by profession and is Puerto Rican.

However, the musician’s husband’s date of birth is unknown, as the artist has not been public about her married life or her husband on any of her social media platforms. But according to TPDel Media, he is in his fifties now.

Ivy Queen
Ivy Queen with her husband and daughter. (Source: Instagram)

As her social media is mostly about her music career, it appears that the artist prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight so that her family can have privacy.

Prior to the singer’s current marriage, she was previously married to Omar Navarro, also a reggaetón musician, better known by his stage name Gran Omar, in 1994. They later got separated in 2005.

Moreover, the separation did not end on good terms, as after a year of them being divorced, the singer’s ex-partner claimed that due of their contractual responsibilities and obligations to Univision, the singer owed him money from the sales and production of the album Cosa Nostra: Hip-Hop, which they co-presented.

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Ivy Queen Daughter

The famous rapper has a beautiful daughter named Naiovy Kháli Star Sánchez with her current partner, who was born in 2013 and is currently 9 years old.

However, the singer has three children in total, two of whom were adopted with her ex-husband Omar and one with whom she was naturally pregnant.

Ivy Queen
The singer with her daughter Naiovy. (Source: Instagram)

Despite being such a big name in the music industry, the singer has managed to keep her children out of the public spotlight.

Furthermore, little is known about the adopted children, including whether they live with the musician or her now-ex-husband.


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