Is Elly De La Cruz Related To Oneil Cruz: Parents And Family

Elly De La Cruz

Given their involvement in baseball and the shared surname, it is common for questions like “Is Elly De La Cruz Related to Oneil Cruz?” to circulate online. To learn about his parents and family, continue reading.

Elly Antonio De La Cruz, a Dominican infielder, has made a significant impact in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the Cincinnati Reds. He joined the Reds as an international free agent in 2018 and quickly progressed through the ranks.

De La Cruz showcased his skills in various minor league teams, including the Arizona Complex League Reds and Daytona Tortugas. In 2023, he received his first call-up to the major leagues and made an immediate impact. During his debut game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, he hit a colossal 458-foot home run.

His journey exemplifies his dedication and talent as he rose from the Dominican Summer League Reds to earning a spot on the Reds’ 40-man roster. As a promising young player, De La Cruz continues to impress fans and is poised for a bright future in MLB with the Cincinnati Reds.

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Is Elly De La Cruz Related To Oneil Cruz

There have been rumors suggesting that Elly and Oneil Cruz, two talented Dominican baseball players, might be related. However, there is no solid evidence or official confirmation from either player to support this claim.

The speculation likely arose because they share the same last name, come from the Dominican Republic, and excel in the sport of baseball.

While these similarities exist, it is important to remember that having the same surname and being from the same country does not automatically indicate a family connection.

Is Elly De La Cruz Related To Oneil Cruz
Cincinnati Reds shortstop Elly De La Cruz (Source: BLOG RED MACHINE)

Without credible sources or the players themselves confirming any familial relationship, it is best not to assume that they are related.

It’s always important to rely on reliable information and confirmations before making assumptions about family connections. In the case of De La and Oneil, there is currently no substantial evidence to support the notion that they are related.

Elly De La Cruz Parents

Cruz, born on January 11, 2002, has parents named Carmen and Antonio. He grew up in the Dominican Republic with his eight siblings, being the youngest among them.

The athlete’s parents played a significant role in his life, especially when it came to his love for baseball. They saw his passion and dreams and always encouraged him to chase them with all his heart.

His parents provided him with guidance, motivation, and support to overcome any challenges that came his way.

Elly De La Cruz Parents
Elly De La Cruz’s parents were very supportive of Elly since the very beginning. (Source: Players Bio)

Their unwavering belief in the baseball player’s abilities kept him focused and determined. Their constant encouragement was a big factor in his success in the sport.

The presence and support of his parents shaped Elly’s journey as a baseball player. They showed the importance of having a strong family foundation in pursuing dreams and achieving goals.

Elly De La Cruz Family

Elly comes from a big family with nine siblings, including his twin brother Pedro. Despite not initially receiving much recognition for his baseball skills, his parents, Carmen and Antonio, always supported him and believed in his abilities.

There was a time when the athlete thought about giving up on baseball, but his mother encouraged him not to lose hope and to keep playing. This unwavering support from his family was crucial to his determination and eventual success in the sport.

The baseball player greatly values his parents and holds them close to his heart. He wears a chain around his neck with a picture of his mom and dad, symbolizing his deep appreciation for their love and support throughout his baseball journey.

In interviews, he expresses his gratitude to his mother, dedicating his achievements to her. Carmen’s unwavering belief in him, even during times of doubt, motivated him to pursue his dreams.

Elly De La Cruz Family
Elly De La Cruz grew up in a family of nine siblings. (Source: SN)

She assured him that she would be proud of him no matter what, whether he became a professional baseball player or not.

Overall, Elly’s family, including his parents and siblings, has had a significant impact on his life, providing support and inspiration along the way.

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