Is Derrick Morgan Related To Denroy Morgan: Relationship Explained

Is Derrick Morgan Related To Denroy Morgan

Despite sharing a last name, Derrick Morgan and Denroy Morgan have pursued different paths in music, sparking curiosity about their relationship ties.

Is Derrick Morgan related to Denroy Morgan? The internet is currently abuzz with this trending query. Now, let’s delve deeper into their family background.

Derrick Morgan has received an Order of Distinction (OD) title for his contribution as a Jamaican musical artist.

Likewise, he has released several hit pop charts, including “Don’t Call Me Daddy”, “In My Heart”, “Be Still”, and “Meekly Wait and Murmur Not.”

Besides, Derrick is a songwriter who has written many songs that have won the Festival Song Contest for other artists, such as “Jamaica Whoa”, “Fi Wi Island A Boom”, and “Progress.” 

On the contrary, Denroy was a Jamaican-born American reggae artist. Moving to the US in 1965, he formed a reggae band Black Eagles in 1974.

Also, Devon “Igo Levi” Foster and Llewellyn “Jah T” Braidwood joined his band in the 1970s, marking the start of their career. Also, their band won the New York Reggae Music Festival in 1977.

Unfortunately, Denroy died of cancer on March 3, 2022.

The secrecy surrounding the musicians’ family tree has left fans wondering, leaving them curious to uncover their heritage. 

Is Derrick Morgan related to Denroy Morgan? Find out if the Jamaican musical artist is related to the late Black Eagles reggae star.

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Is Derrick Morgan Related To Denroy Morgan? Relationship Explained

Fans are often curious to know if the two musical artist are related due to their shared surname. Is Derrick Morgan related to Denroy Morgan?

First and foremost, let’s address this question that might have piqued their fans’ curiosity. The quick and simple answer is no. There is no known familial relationship between the two Morgans. 

Derrick and Denroy do share a common surname, but Jamaica is a proud nation with a rich tapestry of diverse surnames. Hence, it is not uncommon for these unrelated artists to have the same last name.

Denroy Morgan song and career
Late reggae artist Denroy Morgan was a pioneer of the Black Eagles band. (Source: YouTube)

Derrick and Denroy both hail from Jamaica. However, Denroy shifted to the United States, spreading the reggae genre, here in the States, while Derrick stayed in his hometown, celebrating his music culture. 

Also, the two musicians are best known for representing their art on the global platform. 

Derrick is best known for his music like Fi Wi Island A Boom, and Progress. 

On the contrary, Denroy was known for releasing several songs, including Into The Light, Never Give Up, and Happy Feeling. 

Moreover, the two famous Jamaicans also share a common profession, as both are musicians, working in their respective genres. 

While Denroy and Derrick may share a common surname, their paths in life have been distinct and unrelated.

Furthermore, there is another famous NFL player named Derrick Morgan, which further puts their fans in a dilemma. However, the Tennessee Titans linebacker is unrelated to any of these legendary artists. 

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Derrick Morgan Background Revealed 

Jamaican musical artist Derrick Morgan OD was born on 27 March 1940. Likewise, the family man gained fame in the 1960s and 1970s.

Derrick has worked with several popular artists, like Desmond Dekker, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff in the rhythm and blues and ska genres. Besides, he has performed rocksteady and skinhead reggae.

In 1957, Derrick participated in the Vere Johns Opportunity Hour and won with rousing impressions of Little Richard.

Derrick Morgan career
Ska Legend Derrick Morgan attended a Reggae Jam event in 2018. (Source: YouTube)

Similarly, he performed with the famous Jamaican comedy team Bim and Bam.

In 1959, Derrick first recorded his music for Treasure Isle and Coxsone Dodd record label. Morgan, and released two popular shuffle-boogie sides “Lover Boy”, a.k.a. “S-Corner Rock”, Fat Man, and “Oh My”.

Denroy Morgan Family Ties Explained

Jamaican-born American reggae artist Denroy Morgan was born on 15 May 1945. Likewise, the family man shifted to the United States in 1965, at 20, aspiring to become a musician.

There he formed the Black Eagles, a New York City-based reggae band popular in the 1970s. Also, he had a prosperous solo career in the 1980s.

Similarly, Denroy’s kids were encouraged by his success. A few of his kids have also taken on musical careers themselves including Laza Morgan and Gramps Morgan.

Reportedly, they joined family bands LMS and Morgan Heritage. Unfortunately, the Jamaican-born American reggae artist passed away on 3 March 2022.

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