American Idol Kayko Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Artist?

Kayko Wikipedia

Samuel Kelly-Cohen, also known as Kayko, graces Season 22 of American Idol, sparking online searches as fans seek his dedicated Wikipedia page.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the alternative pop artist describes himself as someone who “makes happy songs out of sad words.”

Kayko first gained recognition with his former band, Your Best Friend’s Favorite Band, where his blue hair became a trademark.

However, in 2022 Kayko made the difficult decision to leave the band, which he had poured “blood, sweat & tears” into, to pursue a solo career.

Transitioning from a group act to performing alone has been challenging for the young musician.

However, Kayko felt it was time to step out on his own and bring his unique talents to the forefront.

With his alternative pop sound and emotional songwriting, Kayko hopes to connect with listeners and make an impression on American Idol. While h

American Idol Kayko Wikipedia

Kayko, whose real name is Samuel Kelly-Cohen, is a contestant on American Idol Season 22.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Kayko got his start with the band Your Best Friend’s Favorite Band, where he became known for his blue hair.

Kayko Wikipedia
Kayko ended up with a golden ticket in his audition. (source: Youtube)

However, in 2022 he decided to embark on a solo career to better represent his current stage of life and musical style.

A key reason for this transition was the loss of his mother in 2019, which profoundly impacted Kayko.

He turned to music to help cope with his grief.

Many of Kayko’s solo songs revolve around themes of overcoming adversity and finding light amidst darkness.

As both a band member and solo artist, Kayko has released a substantial amount of music, including a 2022 album that garnered over 200,000 Spotify streams.

Leading up to his American Idol audition, Kayko put out new singles like “I Remember Us” and “Second First Love” in 2024.

With his alternative pop sound and emotional songwriting, Kayko hopes to connect with listeners on American Idol.

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Kayko Age: How Old Is the Artist?

Kayko, whose real name is Samuel Kelly-Cohen, is a 24-year-old contestant on Season 22 of American Idol.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Kayko has kept most details about his family and upbringing private.

Kayko Wikipedia
Kayko has garnered a lot of fanbase after his audition (source: mankatofreepress)

What is known is that music has been an integral part of his life from a young age, which he credits to the influence of his family.

However, in 2019 when Kayko was 22, he suffered the devastating loss of his mother.

To help cope with the grief, Kayko turned to music as a healing outlet.

He shared a moving tribute to his late mother, hoping his song could provide comfort to others missing loved ones.

While Kayko continues to keep specifics about his family and childhood out of the public eye, it’s clear that family plays a significant role in his life and musical journey.

At just 24, Kayko has already experienced profound loss yet found the resilience to channel his pain into poignant songwriting.

As he takes the stage on Idol, Kayko brings with him a determination to share his gifts and make his family proud.

His maturity and musical talent at such a young age suggest a promising career lies ahead.

Kayko Net worth

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