Is Danton Remoto Transgender? Gender Age Partner And Family Revealed

Danton Remoto Transgender

Many people are curious to learn if Danton Remoto is Transgender. To know more about the authors personal details, read the article below.

Danton Remoto is a Filipino writer, essayist, reporter, editor, columnist, and professor. 

There are many things that Danton has contributed to literature and media. He has also written numerous publications, including novels, essays, and literary criticism. 

Remoto also contributes regularly as a writer to a number of websites and newspapers, where he covers a wide range of subjects that include entertainment, politics, culture, concerns, and social. Danton has also been a political activist in addition to being a writer. 

He also holds the first political party in the Philippines to champion the interests of the LGBTQ+ community, the Ladlad Party List. His party aims to deliver a voice to underrepresented communities and fight for their rights in the nation’s political system.

Besides his achievements, Danton’s gender identity has long been a source of controversy for the public and media. However, Remoto’s gender identity is a personal matter. Therefore, it is vital to remember that it shouldn’t take away his work as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Is Danton Remoto Transgender? His gender?

Danton is not transgender, to be clear firsthand. He has never identified himself as transgender. However, he still is a prominent supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and a supporter of inclusivity and gender equality.

The famous writer has made it clear that he does not identify as a transgender person but rather as a gay man in an interview with ABS-CBN News. 

Understanding some differences is crucial while discussing Danton’s gender identity.

Danton Remoto Transgender
Danton visiting a library. (Source: Instagram)

Remoto has always declared himself to be gay, which indicates that he is drawn to other guys. This is different from his male gender identity. 

Being transgender involves identifying with a gender other than the one given to you at birth. However, the gender identity and sexual orientation of each individual must be respected and acknowledged as essential components of that person’s identity.

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Danton Remoto Age And Partner

Remoto was born on March 25, 1963, which makes him 61 years old as of 2024. He was born and raised in the city of Naga in the province of Camarines Sur, Philippines.

Danton has had a great career in different industries despite the controversies surrounding him regarding his gender identity.

He received his doctorate in English studies from the University of the Philippines, and he has taught creative writing and English at various institutions nationally and internationally.

Danton Remoto Transgender
Danton receives bread and noodles as gifts in the studio. (Source: Instagram)

Remoto has received The Carlos Planca Memorial Prize for Literature and the Catholic Mass Media Award for Outstanding Columnist.

He has also worked as an analyst and host for a variety of television shows and radio. Danton has been in a committed relationship for a number of years with a person he prefers to keep anonymous. 

He had revealed in an interview with that he has been with his partner for more than 20 years and that they have together challenged numerous obstacles, such as discrimination and stigma.

He also revealed that his partner is inactive in politics or media sectors.

Danton Remoto Family

Sadly, both of Danton Remoto’s parents have passed away.

His father, Narciso Remoto Sr., worked for the government, whereas his mother, Nenita Garduce Remoto, was a teacher.

Danton Remoto Transgender
Remoto enjoying his vacation in an underwater park. (Source: Instagram)

One brother and two sisters make up his family of three.

His writing and advocacy work, particularly in advancing the importance of education and literacy, has been impacted by familial history and upbringing. 

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