Jose Rizal Parents, Teodora Alonso Realonda And Francisco Mercado

Jose Rizal Parents

Who are Jose Rizal Parents? His parents are Teodora Alonso Realondo and Francisco Mercado, who were incredibly proud of their son’s deeds in life.

Jose Rizal was a significant person in the Philippines long ago when the Spanish ruled the country. He was a doctor for people’s eyes.

However, Jose wrote a lot and talked about how the Philippines should have better rules. He even became part of a group that wanted to change things.

But then, the Spanish government got angry with him. They punished him for trying to change things and their kingdom.

Rizal did not plan a big fight. He liked the idea of the Philippines being free and happy without the suppression and fear of Spanish rule.

Because of his writings, many people thought the Philippines should be independent. He wrote two books, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

His books are like a big story about the Philippines. The writer wrote lots of poems and essays, too.

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Jose Rizal Parents

Jose Rizal’s parents were from the Philippines. Nevertheless, their family histories were quite diverse.

Jose Rizal Parents
Jose Rizal’s Parents were farmers and had businesses in the Philippines. (Source: Esquire Philippines)

The Filipino writer’s father, Francisco and mother, Teodora, came from families with mixed backgrounds. His parents adopted Spanish Last name in 1849.

On Rizal’s father’s side, he had Chinese ancestry. Their heritage is traced back to an ancestor who arrived in teh Philippines from China in teh 17th century.

On his mother’s side, Jose’s ancestry included Chinese and Tagalog roots. His maternal connection led to teh prosperous Florentina family.

During Spanish colonial times, Teodora Alonso Realondo was a wealthy lady in the Philippines. Jose’s father was a local man from Binan, Laguna.

The couple, Rizal’s parents, lived in Laguna, particularly in Clamba. They started their own business based on farming.

The Hero’s mother, Mrs Teodora, was a hardworking and educated woman. She managed the family’s farm and finances.

Additionally, His parents grew crops like rice, corn, and sugarcane. Their business supported their comfortable lifestyle.

The Filipino Legend’s parents expanded teh family business into textile, flour, and sugar milling. They further processed raw materials and sold finished products from a small store in their home.

Rizal had ten siblings. They grew up together and became the excellent, responsible and hardworking peopel like their parents.

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Was Jose Rizal Married?

Mr. Jose’s love story is straight out of the novel. In Dapitan, he won a lottery and purchased the land where he practiced as an ophthalmologist.

Jose Rizal parents
Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken’s Love story will live on. (Source:

The doctor was involved in various activities. Besides, he taught children and built schools and hospitals.

Rizal’s reputation extended beyond the Philippines. He met his lover, Josephine Bracken, in his clinic in Dapitan.

Josephine was an Irish woman. She came to Rizal’s clinic with her adoptive father, who needed eye treatment.

Their relationship developed, and the two fell in love. However, Josephine’s father disapproved of their relationship.

In Dapitan, Jose’s partner, Josephine, learned various household tasks to help him. They began to live together as a couple.

Josephine even bore Rizal’s child, although teh child wa stillborn. In July 1896, THe lovebirds left Dapitan, but their journey was cut short in Manila due to Jose’s arrest.

The Ophthalmologist faced a court martial and was found guilty of rebellion, sedition, and illegal association. His records resulted in a death sentence by firing squad.

Mr. Rizal’s execution marked the sacrifice of a martyr for the cause of Philippine Independence. His life and writings fueled teh aspirations of Filipinos for a better future.

Even though Jose was buried in an unmarked grave, his legacy lived on. His dedication and contribution live in every Filipino’s heart.

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