Is Daniel Scheinert Jewish? Religion Ethnicity Family And Age Revealed

Daniel Scheinert Jewish

Daniel Scheinert is an American Filmmaker from the United States. People want to know if Daniel Schwinert is Jewish. Continue reading to find out about his religion and family background.

Daniel Scheinert is renowned in the film and music industry for his innovative contributions. He is a highly respected individual in the entertainment business who inspires and challenges other filmmakers and artists with his unique vision.

Along with his long-time partner, Daniel Kwan, Scheinert co-directed the critically acclaimed film “Swiss Army Man, which has its world premiere at the 2016  SUndance film festival.

Scheinert and Kwan were honored for the film’s original storytelling and emotional impact. 

He has directed award-winning music videos for artists such as The Shins, DJ Snake, and Lil Jon.

Hence, Daniel Scheinert is a highly skilled musician and filmmaker whose innovative work has won him great acclaim. 

Is Daniel Scheinert Jewish? Religion and Ethnicity 

The talented musician and filmmaker Daniel Scheinert was born in Birmingham, Alabama, United States, on June 7, 1987. He holds an American nationality.

Scheinert was raised in a family that supported his love and passion for creativity and the arts. His work in the film industry is known for his unconventional and innovative style, which has earned him widespread recognition and a devoted following.

Daniel Scheinert Jewish
Daniel Scheinert is wearing an ape suit for one of his projects. (source: polygon)

The rumors about Scheinert being of Jewish descent, are just speculated on the internet. Scheinert is not Jewish, but follows the Christian religion. 

Even though Scheinert has not openly discussed his religious beliefs with the public, his creative work has not been influenced by his religious convictions.

Providing more accurate information is challenging because Scheinert has not publicly disclosed any further facts regarding his religious views and cultural ethnicity.

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Daniel Scheinert Family

The filmmaker has not revealed anything about his family members. However, it is known that he is the son of Becky and ken Scheinert. 

It is common for public figures to keep personal information private for their benefit and security. It becomes serious when families get involved. The fighter probably did not want the media and the paparazzi to meddle in his or his family’s private life.

Scheinert’s long-time Collaborator in the film industry, Daniel Kwan, is frequently referred to as his “creative partner,” however, it is not known if they are related by blood or otherwise they have a familial relationship.

While attending Emerson College in Boston to study film, Kwan and Scheinert became friends. They followed the same University as Sunita Mani, who starred with Kwan in the music video they directed for “Turn Down For What.”

Together, Scheinert and Kwan have done several projects, such as the highly acclaimed movie “Swiss Army Man” and numerous Award-winning music videos.

Daniel Scheinert Age Revealed

As mentioned above, Daniel Schinert was born on June 7, 1987; he is 35 years, nine months, and six days old as of this article written, i.e., March 13, 2023.

Daniel Scheinert attended Oak Mountain Elementary and middle school in Birmingham, Alabama during his childhood. He went to study at Shades Valley High School, where he participated in the International Baccalaureate program. 

Daniel Scheinert Jewish
Daniel Scheinert with his long-time partner Daniel Kwan in an event. (source: indiewire)

Scheinert still has many years to continue creating and pushing the limits of his creativity. At the age of only 35, he is regarded as one of the most prominent and talented people in the entertainment business thanks to his talent and commitment to his craft.

It will be intriguing to witness his future accomplishments as Scheinert keeps exploring new creative routes. 

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