Is Damon Wayans Jr Gay? Partner Family And Net Worth 2023


Is Damon Wayans Jr gay? People frequently query the actor’s sexuality in light of his previous controversial remarks about LGBT+ people. Continue reading to learn more about his sexual preference, family, and wealth.

American actor and comedian Damon Kyle Wayans Jr. is most renowned for his roles as Coach in the Fox sitcom “New Girl” and Brad Williams in the ABC comedy “Happy Endings,” for which he was nominated in 2012 for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He voiced Wasabi in “Big Hero 6” and appeared in the comedy “Let’s Be Cops,” both in 2014.

In 1994’s “Blankman,” a feature film directed by his father, Wayans made his acting debut as Young Kevin. Later, he had an appearance as John, one of Junior’s buddies, on his father’s sitcom My Wife and Kids. Later, he contributed as a staff writer to the show. Wayans Jr. himself was somewhat modeled after the role of Junior.

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Is Damon Wayans Jr Gay? And Partner

The actor, who considers himself straight, is not gay. However, following the previous homophobic tweets, Wayans Jr. apologized to the LGBT community.

Wayans wrote in the tweets, which were posted in 2010 and 2011, “Being on the road during the day sucks tranny balls.” He used the homophobic slur “faggot,” the phrase “no homo,” and the term “tranny” to refer to another user.

The tweets were later removed. They started spreading after it was revealed that Wayans will work as the executive producer of the upcoming CW series “Glamourous.” The program centers on a transgender YouTuber who accepts their first job after high school at a cosmetics company they earlier disparaged in a video.

He responded to the situation by tweeting,

“When I was a young comic trying to find my voice, I made some immature and hurtful tweets that I deeply regret at the expense of the LGBTQ community.” “When I tweeted those comments, almost 10 years ago, I was unaware of the emotional impact they could have.”

Is Damon Wayans Jr. Gay
Actor Damon Wayans Jr. (C) and Samara Saraiva with character Baymax attend the Los Angeles Premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios on November 4, 2014. (Source: Legit)

Speaking about the comedian’s romantic partners, The actor has been in two major relationships. His first girlfriend was Aja Metoyer, with whom he has two daughters, namely, Amara and her younger sister, Aniya. The pair separated after a few years of being together. 

Jr. got married to Samara Saravia in 2016. The couple, who have two sons, one of whom is named Maverick, and two daughters, Berlyn, and Lua Wayans, first met in 2014 and have been inseparable since.

Damon Wayans Jr Family Revealed

Wayans was born in Huntington, Vermont, on November 18, 1982. As the son of Lisa Thorner and actor and comedian Damon Wayans, he belongs to the Wayans family. However, his parents got divorced in 2000.

Kyla, Michael, and Cara Mia are his three younger siblings.

Actors Damon Wayans (R) and his son Damon Wayans Jr.
Actors Damon Wayans (R) and his son Damon Wayans Jr. arrive at Showtime’s 30th Anniversary and Summer 2006 TCA party at a private residence on July 14, 2006, in Pasadena, California (Source: ShowbiazCheatSheet)

The actor comes from a family of talented actors and comedians who are widely recognized as the Wayans family. The Wayans family, all bearing the same surname, includes his father, Kim, Marlon, Keenen Ivory, Shawn, Elvira, Damien, and himself. 

His father, being the comedian that he is, always found a way to make his children happy with his wit and charisma. That is why his sons ended up following in his footsteps.

Damon Wayans Jr Net Worth 2023

According to various sources, Damon Wayans Jr.’s net worth is expected to range between $8 million and $9 million in 2023. Damon Wayans Jr. is likely to achieve much more thanks to his incredible talent and popularity.

Since beginning his career at a young age, the comedian has been in numerous TV shows and movies. He played Brad Williams in the ABC comedy series Happy Endings, for which he received nominations for “Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” at the “Critic’s Choice Television Awards” and the “NAACP Image Awards.”

Damon Wayans Jr. family
Actors Damon Wayans (C) and Damon Wayans Jr. (R) and family attend the Los Angeles Premiere of Walt Disney Animation StudiosÂ’ “Big Hero 6′ at El Capitan Theatre on November 4, 2014, in Hollywood, California. (Source: ZIMBIO)

Additionally, he appeared in the Fox Network comedy “New Girl” as well as the Wayans family comedy “Dance Flick.” After Happy Endings’ third season was canceled, he returned to “New Girl” for at least four episodes of the forthcoming third season and stayed for the remainder of Season 3.

Wayans’s return as a series regular for season four was announced in May 2014. He appeared in the sitcom Happy Together in October 2018, but it was canceled after thirteen episodes due to poor viewership.

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