Is Chelji Related To Aitch: Are They Cousins?

Is Chelji related to Aitch

Is Chelji related to Aitch? As of 2023, the two artists have never associated with each other in any way apart from sharing the same music platform.

Chelji is the grunge-pop singer hailing from Birmingham. She has experienced an extraordinary comeback in her career even after she had initially left the music scene.

The singer’s birthdate was in Walsall, England, on October 15, 1998. She has now reached the age of 24.

Chelji made a name for herself on TikTok, the popular social media platform. She is known by her username “itschelji”.

She has captivated her audience with a variety of lip-sync performances. Impressively, her TikTok has exceeded over 1.1 million followers.

What sets Chelji apart is her track “Hate Me,” which unexpectedly resurfaced on TikTok years after she had initially put her music career on hold.

In 2023, she released her song “Made It Pass October”. Her music has gained her vast attention.

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Is Chelji Related To Aitch?

Chelji is a musician from England. The singer recently shared her new single “Funeral,” which has garnered massive attention on TikTok.

Is Chelji Related To Aitch
Chelji and Aitch are British musicians. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Aitch is a British rapper hailing from Manchester. His real name is Harrison James Armstrong.

The rapper has made quite a name for himself in the music industry. In his early life, after finishing school, Aitch pursued higher education at college.

Aitch’s rise to fame began in 2018. He released the track “Straight Rhymez” and has achieved significant success in the UK music scene since then.

The British rapper’s debut studio album, “Close to Home,” was released in 2022. His album reached the impressive number two spot on the UK Albums Chart.

Furthermore, Aitch has released nine singles. His singles have successfully made it into the top 100 in the UK.

Aitch and Chelji both come from England. However, the two have not revealed any information about being related to each other in any way.

There is speculation in TikTok about Chelji and Aitch being related to each other. TikTok videos are showing their similar facial features.

Nevertheless, the musicians have not confirmed these rumors. It is common for celebrities to share similar appearances.

The two have not encountered each other in any functions yet. There is a possibility that they might collaborate in the future.

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Are Chelji And Aitch Cousins?

As of 2023, no public information is available suggesting that Chelji and Aitch are siblings. They are both artists in the music industry.

Is Chelji related to Aitch
Chelji and Aitch are not related to each other. (Source: BBC)

Aitch also has two younger sisters who are non-identical twins. The photos he shared on social media indicate her sisters are younger than him by several years.

Aitch affectionately refers to one sister as Gracie. Moreover, he has dedicated a song titled “My G” to her.

Aitch and Chelji are both active on Social media. And both of them have not followed each other in their respective social media.

If they were related, they would have at least followed one another on social media. This is evidence that they are not connected.

Though pursuing different paths, Chelji and Aitch have deep ties to their hometown and families. That has played pivotal roles in their lives and creative journeys.

Additionally, Aitch has talked about his sisters and even made a song dedicated to her. This shows that his only siblings are his two sisters.

This information proves that the rapper and the TikTok star are not cousins. No information supports their association with each other.

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