Is Cal Foote Arrested? Leave Of Absence And Scandal

Cal Foote Arrested

Cal Foote, the 24-year-old NHL defenseman with the New Jersey Devils, faces speculation and intrigue -has Cal Foote been arrested? Unravel the details surrounding his alleged leave of absence and potential scandal.

Born in Colorado in the US in 1998, Foote was drafted 14th overall by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

He went on to play for the Lightning organization for several years, winning the Stanley Cup with the team in 2021.

Known as a skilled two-way defenseman, Foote has carved out an impressive NHL career so far.

However, he now finds himself at the center of a major scandal connected to an alleged sexual assault involving members of Canada’s 2018 World Junior team of which Foote was a part.

This has led to significant scrutiny of Foote’s character and a leave of absence from the Devils.

Is Cal Foote Arrested?

As of now, Cal Foote has not been arrested in connection to the alleged sexual assault.

In 2018, London police investigated an incident involving a woman and members of Canada’s World Junior team but no charges were filed at the time.

Cal Foote Arrested
Cal Foote during an NHL hockey game, on Friday, April 29, 2022, in Philadelphia. (source: thehill)

The case was reopened in 2022 after claims that the woman was pressured into certain acts and assaulted by some players.

While Foote was on that 2018 team, he has not been officially named as one of the accused players.

In July 2022, London police filed an application to take new investigative measures and interview players they believe were involved in the alleged assault.

This led to Foote and four other players from that team taking indefinite leaves of absence from their NHL clubs.

Foote’s leave from the New Jersey Devils began on October 20, 2022.

While implicating, this does not equate to an arrest or charges being filed against him so far.

Unless concrete evidence emerges, Foote remains only linked to the scandal but not criminally accused.

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Cal Foote Leave Of Absence

As one of the players under investigation from the 2018 Canadian World Junior team, the New Jersey Devils granted Cal Foote a leave of absence from the team starting on October 20, 2022.

This came shortly after London police announced they were reopening the investigation into allegations that members of that team sexually assaulted a woman back in 2018.

Along with Foote, three other players from that team—Carter Hart, Dillon Dube, and Michael McLeod—have also taken leaves.

The Devils said Foote’s leave would be indefinite and did not give a potential timeline for his return.

The team stated they support the league’s decision and take these allegations very seriously.

For now, Foote is sidelined from professional hockey until the investigation progresses further.

While not currently charged with a crime, being linked to such serious accusations has prompted the Devils and the NHL to pause Foote’s season as the legal case unfolds.

For a rising young player like Foote, this indefinite leave could significantly stall his career depending on how long it lasts and what details emerge.

Cal Foote Scandal

The situation has created a dark scandal around Cal Foote as he now faces intense scrutiny over his alleged connection to the events in question.

While Foote has not been publicly accused and maintains innocence until proven guilty, being linked to such an incident even indirectly could seriously damage his reputation.

Cal Foote Arrested
Cal Foote pictured with his father Adam Foote, during his childhood. (source: theathletic)

For someone trying to establish themselves as an elite NHL defenseman, this is certainly a major off-ice challenge Foote now must confront.

The case itself, involving a Canadian World Junior team and alleged sexual misconduct, has rocked the hockey world, especially in Canada.

The fact it was improperly handled and quietly settled by Hockey Canada in 2018 before being covered up has added to the controversy.

As more details emerge from the newly reopened police investigation, Foote will likely continue facing tough questions about his participation and knowledge of what happened.

Moving forward, Foote will need to cooperate with authorities to clear his name or take accountability for any role he may have had.

Regardless, this scandal has impacted his image and career trajectory.

How he responds and learns from this experience will ultimately define his character in the long run.

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