Is Brandon Miller Arrested For Killing Of Jamea Jonae Harris? Case Update And Victim Identity

Brandon Miller

The media and netizens are wondering about the recent Brandon Miller Arrested and the case update regarding his arrest and charges.

Brandon Jermaine Miller is an American college basketball player for the Southeastern Conference’s Alabama Crimson Tide.

According to police, Miller managed to bring a team member the gun that was used in a shooting death near campus.

Detective Branden Culpepper gave evidence that Miller carried the weapon used in the shooting death of Jamea Jonae Harris.

In accordance with the witness statements, the gun was classified as belonging to Darius Miles, a former colleague of Miller.

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Is Brandon Miller Arrested For Killing Of Jamea Jonae Harris?

Brandon was not accused of any crime, according to Tuscaloosa chief assistant district attorney Paula Whitley. ‘There was nothing they could charge Miller with’ Whitley said.

Miles and his close associate Michael Davis supposedly had a dispute with Harris and her boyfriend outside of the club.

Davis started dancing in front of Harris’ black Jeep and attempted to get her contact information.
Brandon Miller Arrested
Alabama’s Brandon Miller SEC player, newcomer of the year ( Source: AP News)
Davis was told to move on by Harri’s partner and when Miller showed up at the scene, Miles informed Davis of the location of the gun and the existence of a round in the compartment.
Davis is accused of shooting into the victim’s Jeep, striking Harris in the face and Cedric Johnson, Harri’s boyfriend, supposedly fired back, injuring Davis.
Based on what we know, the Tuscaloosa DA’s declination is correct, Miller should not be charged said Jy Town, a former U.S. Attorney, and Madison County prosecutor.
There does not appear to be proof that Miller knew transmitting the gun was for an illegal purpose, even in the past.

Brandon Miller case update explained

The evidence presented in court that Alabama rookie basketball standout Brandon Miller had the weapon used in the Tuscaloosa strip death of a woman last month astonished the sports world and beyond, prompting the question of why he too, was not accused in the crime.

Tuscaloosa Police investigator Brandon Culpepper gave testimony during a pretrial hearing Tuesday, Feb. 21, that Miller brought Darius Mile’s gun to him the day of the attack after Miles texted him and asked him to do so.

As per the sources, Jim Standridge, and Miles brought his pistol and left it concealed under some clothing in the passenger seat of Miller’s car and Miller never observed or touched the pistol said, Standridge.
Brandon Miller
Alabama’s Brandon Miller breaks silence on deadly shooting, ‘Lock him up’ chants ( Source: Fox News)

Holloway and Spina believe the Tuscaloosa District Attorney’s Office investigated the position of Miller’s vehicle and ascertained that the proof did not show he was destined to construct the victim’s exit route.

According to the lawyers, the Tuscaloosa district attorney’s office may keep looking into Miller, but he’s in a prime place for the time being.

The DA’s office stated that even without scientific proof that Brandon was planning on helping Miles and Davis in committing a crime, they could indeed attempt to establish a specific instance against him.

Jamea Jonae Harris – victim identity revealed

Jamea Jonae Harris who was twenty-three was fatally shot on Tuscaloosa’s Strip and she left her five-year-old son Kaine.

The murder occurred in the early morning hours of January 15, and Harris and her boyfriend were on their way to the Quick Grille on Grace Street when they ran into Davis and Miles.
Brandon Miller
Alabama basketball star Brandon Miller provided the gun used in shooting death of young woman, police say ( Source: Fox News)
Miles and his longstanding closest mate, Michael ‘Buzz’ Davis, both 20 are accused of premeditated murder and as per police, Davis pulled the trigger.
They have been charged with capital murder in connection with a fatal shooting on the Strip in Tuscaloosa on January 15, 2023.

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