Is Amanda Macioce Transgender? Age Height And Wikipedia Biography

Amanda Macioce

Amanda is a professional and popular fighter of mixed martial arts who is actively involved in making a career as an MMA fighter. Is Amanda Macioce transgender? Find out in this article.

A full-contact sport focusing on striking, grappling, and ground fighting, mixed martial arts (MMA) incorporates methods from many combat sports worldwide.

The phrase “mixed martial arts” was first used in print in a 1993 review of UFC 1 by television journalist Howard Rosenberg.
Due to well-known female fighters and personalities like Megumi Fujii, Miesha Tate, Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos, Ronda Rousey, and Joanna Jdrzejczyk, among others, there has been an increase in recognition of women in mixed martial arts.
Carano became renowned as the face of women’s MMA after appearing in a number of EliteXC events, and she is a former mixed martial artist and American actress.
The talented mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Amanda Lee debuted as a professional fighter in 2022, on September 29, as per her social media timeline.

Is Amanda Macioce Transgender? Revealed

The fans and online users who are motivated by her fighting techniques and strategies are curious to learn more about Amanda Macioce Transgender status.
As per Amanda’s social media timelines, we can find out she spends most of her time working out and building herself, and as a result, she has great physicality, which attracts many people.
Amanda Macioce Transgender
Always forward, never straight. (Source: Instagram)
Everyone, including Amanda’s admirers and netizens, is surprised by her outstanding charm and attractive appearance.
Macioce is a female boxer with a slightly masculine appearance but has never come out or spoken about her gender identity.
Further information about her identity is not made public. If she reveals anything related to the topic, Amanda Macioce is transgender, we will share the details of those pieces in the article.

Amanda macioce age and height revealed

Amanda was born on July 5, 1992, so she will be turning 31 a couple of months after this article is published.

She was born into a well-established family in the United States and holds an average height for women of 157 cm, or 5’2.

She is connected to SBA Atlanta, which offers assistance in SBA services such as funding schemes, counseling, certifications for federal contracts, and disaster relief.

Amanda Macioce
Welcome undefeated Amanda Macioce to Invicta FC! 4-fight win streak with 2 finishes as an amateur. A 20-second TKO in her pro debut (Source: Reddit)

The head coach of the mixed martial artist Amanda is Phillipe Gentry, and her other coach is Zac Cooper, who provides proper training to upgrade her fighting skills.

She is married to John Macioce, who works as a firefighter or EMT. John studied at Coastal Carolina University and went to Montgomery High School.

The couple, Amanda and John Macioce, currently reside in Cumming, Georgia, and John is originally from Montgomery, New Jersey.

Amanda macioce Wikipedia biography

She resides in Cumming, Georgia, but she is originally from Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. She is a Straight Blast Gym Buford coach and the Alliance Medical Physics operations manager.

Per her Facebook account, she has served as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Place University.

The former assistant strength and conditioning coach has completed her studies in B.S. exercise science at the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Amanda Macioce
Fight 4 – Amanda Macioce def Siobhan O’Connell via Unanimous Decision!!! (Source: Facebook)

Amanda Macioce is placed 41st out of 314 active US Southeast women and the top-ranked of the five active Alabama women, and she is rated 109th out of 966 American women that are currently active (pound for pound).

As a professional fighter, she has won one match and lost one match in 2023; as an amateur, she has won three matches; one match was canceled.
She is also involved in social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, where thousands of people have followed her.

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