Is Amanda Holden Jewish – What Is Her Religion? Ethnicity And Family

Amanda Holden

Is Amanda Holden Jewish? This question is seen all over the internet, with many wanting to know if she is Jewish. This article will provide further insight into the details of her Ethnicity and family. 

Amanda Holden is a renowned English media personality, Actress, and singer, best known for her multifaceted career in the entertainment industry.

Since 2007, she has captivated audiences as a judge on the prevalent television talent show competition, Britain’s Got Talent, which airs on ITV.

Additionally, Holden co-hosts the widely enjoyed national Heart Breakfast radio show alongside Jamie Theakston, bringing joy and energy to listeners every weekday morning.

Notably, she took on the title role in the musical stage show Thoroughly Modern Millie in 2004, earning a well-deserved nomination for a prestigious Laurence Olivier Award.

Throughout her career, Holden has made memorable appearances on various television series, including The Grimleys (1998–2001), Kiss Me Kate (1999–2001), Cutting It (2002–2004), Wild at Heart (2006–2008), and Big Top (2009). 

Is Amanda Holden Jewish – What Is Her Religion?

Amanda Holden’s religious affiliation is Christianity. While there is no specific information indicating that she is Jewish or practices any other religion, it is clear that her faith lies within the Christian tradition.

Although Holden’s religious beliefs are not extensively documented, she has publicly expressed her appreciation for expressions of faith.

Amanda Holden Jewish
Amanda Holden looks good in her pink suit. (source: nottinghampost)

In particular, during her tenure as a Britain’s Got Talent judge, Holden has been known to commend acts that incorporate their faith into their performances.

On one occasion, she praised a singing group for their faith’s joyful and uplifting celebration, highlighting her admiration for expressions of spirituality.

While Holden’s religious views may not be a central aspect of her public persona, it is evident that she embraces Christianity as her chosen faith.

However, as with any individual’s beliefs, respecting their privacy and allowing them to share or not share their religious identity as they see fit is essential.

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Amanda Holden Ethnicity

Amanda Holden boasts a rich ethnic background combining English and Cornish heritage. Her birthplace in Portsmouth, Hampshire, situates her within the broader English cultural context while also indicating a connection to Cornwall- a southwestern region distinguished by its unique history and identity.

Rumors circulated about French ancestry on Holden’s mother’s side, further enriching this diverse background; however, confirmation on such hearsay remains undisclosed.

Her upbringing echoes those roots as she received secondary schooling at Swanmore College before advancing towards pursuing performing arts-driven aspirations at South London’s highly acclaimed Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

Overall, Amanda Holden’s blended heritage reinforces an already dynamic personal brand as an Actress and media personality emblematic of quintessentially English pop culture.

Amanda Holden Family

Amanda Holden was born into a loving family on February 16, 1971, in Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire, UK. Her parents are Judith Mary Harrison and Frank Holden. She has a younger sister named Debbie, with whom she shares a close bond.

Holden received her education at Swanmore Secondary School, now known as Swanmore College, before pursuing her passion for the performing arts at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden taking an Instagram picture with her lookalike daughter. (source: yahoo)

In terms of her personal life, Amanda Holden married comedian Les Dennis in 1995. However, the couple ended their marriage in 2003.

Later, in 2006, Holden welcomed her first child, a daughter named Alexa Louise Florence Hughes, with her then-fiancé Chris Hughes.

The couple eventually tied the knot on December 10, 2008. Tragically, they experienced the loss of their son, Theo Hughes, who was stillborn in February 2011.

Despite this unfortunate event, Holden and Hughes found strength and happiness when they welcomed their third child, daughter Hollie Rose Hughes, the following year.

Amanda Holden’s family has been integral to her life, supporting her through various personal and professional endeavors.

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