Poyd Treechada Transgender Husband: Married To Oak Phakwa Hongyok

Poyd Treechada Transgender

Who is Poyd Treechada Transgender Husband? Poyd Treechada’s followers eagerly seek insights into her personal life, delving into details about her husband, recent marital bliss, dating experiences, and more.

Poyd Treechada, born Treechada Petcharat, is a widely recognized Thai actress and model, often referred to as Thailand’s “most beautiful transgender woman.

Poyd rose to fame after winning the Miss Tiffany Universe crown in 2004, a prestigious pageant for transgender women in Thailand.

Her stunning beauty and captivating presence led to modeling opportunities, gracing the covers of various magazines, and becoming a brand ambassador for renowned labels.

Poyd’s acting career blossomed, starring in numerous Thai films and television dramas.

She even gained international recognition through collaborations with Hong Kong and Chinese productions, sharing the screen with prominent actors like Andy Lau and Carina Lau.

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Poyd Treechada, Transgender Husband

Poyd Treechada Petcharat, a transgender icon from Thailand, recently tied the knot in a traditional Peranakan wedding in Phuket with rich businessman her husband Oak Phakwa Hongyok, in an extravagant and elegant ceremony.

The pair wore costumes worth an incredible US$580,000 for the wedding, which took place at the famed Baan Ar-Jor estate.

This showed off their mutual love of luxury. Poyd, Thailand’s “most beautiful transgender woman,” transitioned from pageant victories to a global fashion icon, showcasing brands like Cartier and Louis Vuitton.

Poyd Treechada discussed her marriage at the Gender Fair event, going behind the glittering facade and highlighting the changing climate of diversity and acceptance.

Poyd Treechada Transgender
Poyd Treechada with her husband (Image Source: Instagram)

The 36-year-old actress emphasized the need to accept diversity in a changing world.

She had gender-affirming surgery when she was 17 years old. Poyd and her husband, Oak Phakwa Hongyok, are businessmen who skillfully handle the complexities of married life.

They are adjusting to changes and surprises and balancing their respective obligations.

Poyd and Oak’s love story defies convention and honors the beauty of genuineness as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

Poyd’s transformation from transsexual beauty queen to prominent actor and supporter of gender equality inspires, demonstrating that genuine beauty is found in acceptance and understanding and that love knows no boundaries.

Poyd Treechada Husband Oak Phakwa Hongyok

Poyd Treechada Petcharat’s path to married bliss brought her into the company of eminent businessman Oak Phakwa Hongyok, who comes from a well-known and long-standing family in Phuket.

At 41, Oak is the heir apparent to a diverse enterprise that includes coffee shops, restaurants, and travel agencies in the scenic region of Thailand.

The marriage of Oak, a well-known person in Phuket’s business community, and Poyd, a transgender icon renowned for elegance and beauty, resulted from a friendship lasting more than 20 years.

Poyd Treechada Transgender
Poyd Treechada with Oak from the bachelorette party (Image Source: Thestar)

Beyond the glittering rituals and well-publicized occasions, Oak Phakwa Hongyok has made a name for himself in the business community.

Having inherited a successful business, he supervises a varied portfolio with skill and diligence.

In addition to the couple’s achievements, their traditional Peranakan wedding showcases their dedication to defying social boundaries and embracing love in all forms.

Poyd Treechada offered insights into their marital dynamics, stressing the regularity of their married existence with a dash of essential modification.

According to Poyd, when they begin this new chapter and transition from being just partners to husband and wife, it is crucial to be patient and forward-thinking.

Poyd’s worldwide itinerary and Oak’s corporate obligations mesh well, demonstrating how love can flourish in the face of life’s many obligations.

Poyd Treechada Dating

Fans and followers celebrated Poyd Treechada Petcharat’s social media revelation on February 3rd when she revealed her engagement to businessman Oak Phakwa Hongyok.

The elegantly dressed actress shared the happy news with her fiancé in a sweet selfie, captioning it with a sincere emoji that conveyed their love.

The disclosure aroused curiosity and revealed the couple’s extraordinary trip.

Thairath claims that Poyd and Oak’s dating history extends back more than 20 years, before her gender transition operation.

Even though they had been friends for a long time, the two didn’t formally acknowledge the romantic aspect of their relationship until a year ago.

Their love story’s progression from a steadfast friendship to a recent romance highlights the everlasting character of their relationship and highlights how strong it was across different stages of life. It gives their union more depth.

The transformation of Poyd and Oak from lifelong friends to loving partners is a testament to the depth of their bond and understanding of one another.

Poyd Treechada’s engagement to Oak Phakwa Hongyok marks a beautiful chapter of patient, enduring love.

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