Ian Thorpe Children: Does He Have Any? Wife And Husband Details

Ian Thorpe Children

Ian Thorpe Children has been the most searched topic on the internet, with many wanting to learn if he has children. Many are curious about his marital status and details regarding his wife or husband.

Ian Thorpe is a celebrated Australian retired swimmer renowned for his exceptional skills in freestyle, backstroke, and individual medley events.

Throughout his illustrious career, he garnered widespread recognition, securing five Olympic gold medals, a record shared with fellow Australian swimmer Emma McKeon.

One of his accomplishments occurred at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, his hometown.

He emerged as an athlete during the games by securing three gold and two silver medals.

Thorpe’s extraordinary journey in the world of swimming commenced at a remarkably young age, as he represented Australia at just 14 years old, becoming the youngest male athlete to do so.

Ian Thorpe Children: Does He Have Any? Family details

There is no information to suggest that Ian Thorpe has any children, either in the past or present.

Throughout his public life, no reports or mentions of him having any offspring have been reported.

The Olympic swimmer has not publicly discussed his plans to have children, leaving his parental status undisclosed.

Ian Thorpe Children
Ian Thorpe has won several medals throughout his professional swimming career. (source: commonwealthgames)

Born in Sydney and raised in the suburb of Milperra, Thorpe hails from a family with a strong sporting background.

His father, Ken Thorpe, showed promise as a junior cricketer, representing the Bankstown District Cricket Club and even topping the season’s batting averages ahead of former Australian captain Bob Simpson.

However, paternal pressure eventually led to Ken’s early retirement from the sport at 26.

On the other hand, Thorpe’s mother, Margaret, excelled in A-grade netball, demonstrating her athletic abilities.

Although both of his parents had sporting talents, Ian did not inherit their ball skills.

As the younger brother of Christina, Thorpe stumbled upon swimming at the age of five when his sister was advised to take up the sport to strengthen a broken wrist.

Fate led the young Ian Thorpe into the pool, eventually paving the way for his extraordinary career as a swimmer, culminating in numerous Olympic gold medals and worldwide recognition.

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Ian Thorpe Wife And Husband Details

The Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe has been linked to several women, including American swimming champion Amanda Beard and Fox Sports presenter Kathryn Eisman, but has never been married.

It is not entirely clear if he had any relationships with these women.


At times Thorpe has been open about his sexuality and has publicly acknowledged that he is gay.

He made this revelation during a television interview with Michael Parkinson in 2014, finally ending years of speculation about his orientation.

In a manner, he stated, “I feel comfortable saying that I am a man.”

Although he previously denied being gay in his autobiography published in 2012, Thorpe’s decision to come out received support and admiration from fans and the wider community.

In his personal life, Thorpe has been in significant relationships with men, notably with model and law student Ryan Channing.

The two were together for several years and even got engaged, but sadly they broke up later.

Ian Thorpe Children
Ian Thorpe with his ex-boyfriend, Ryan Channing. (source: nowtolove)

As for Thorpe’s current relationship status, it is not widely known.

In December 2020, it was revealed that he was dating Nick Hudson, but whether they are still together remains uncertain.

Throughout his life, Ian Thorpe has been candid about his journey and has become an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

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