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Riku Romppanen

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Riku Romppanen is a name that has become synonymous with future success in pool billiards. At 14, he achieved an incredible feat by winning the silver medal in the main ball category at the European Youth Championship.

While his peers were busy celebrating the end of their elementary school days at Aurinkokive School in Kivistö, Vantaa, he was making waves in the pool world.

His talent and dedication to the sport were evident as he advanced to the top 16, leaving his mark in pool history. It wasn’t a complete surprise to those familiar with the pool circles who had been following his remarkable journey.

His success in the youth competition was just the beginning, as he had already showcased his skills by defeating Skyler Woodward, a renowned pool player from the United States, the previous year.

With each triumph, he solidifies his position as a rising star in the pool billiards world.

Riku Romppanen Wikipedia Age 

A talented pool player, Riku may not have a Wikipedia page yet. Still, his exceptional performance on the pool table suggests he may earn a spot on the prestigious platform shortly.

Despite his age of 15, he has already made a significant mark in the pool world. In a historic achievement, he became the youngest player in Matchroom Pool history to reach the Last 16 of a major tournament, securing a remarkable 10-6 victory over his fellow countryman, Petri Makkonen.

Riku’s skills caught the attention of pool enthusiasts when he obtained an invitation to participate in the Men’s Alfa Las Vegas Open in March 2022.

Riku Romppanen Wikipedia
Riku Romppanen Wikipedia: He finished third in the Finnish national open pool championships, the youngest medalist ever at the age of 15. (Source: Facebook)

His proficiency in the game left many surprised as he showcased his expertise in the exciting Predator Shootout format.

He made headlines by defeating renowned American professional player Skyler Woodward, an exhilarating moment captured in a Predator Pro Billiard Series Facebook page video.

Following his victory, Riku graciously shook hands with Woodward, exuding a sense of calmness, while the crowd around him erupted in cheers and enthusiastic fist pumps.

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Riku Romppanen Family 

Riku Romppanen, a talented and promising Finland pool player, has quickly risen to prominence in the pool world.

He has not disclosed his family. However, according to some sources, his father, Eero Romppanen, owns a property maintenance and construction company.

Eero’s encouragement and assistance have played a vital role in his journey as a pool player.

Riku Romppanen
The pool player Riku Romppanen is the youngest player in Matchroom Pool history (Source: Facebook)

Before Riku takes his shots at the Skill Games club’s playing hall, his father sets up the balls in a starting pattern resembling a ysipallo salmiak, the Finnish term for a 9-ball pool.

Moreover, Eero’s support extends beyond the practice table. He accompanies Riku while traveling to tournaments worldwide, providing guidance and motivation.

His mother, Maarit Tykkä, is also crucial in his overall development.

Riku Romppanen Net Worth

Romppanen, the accomplished snooker player from Finland, has been making waves in pool competitions. While his net worth remains undisclosed, his earnings throughout 2023 testify to his growing fame within the snooker scene.

This year, Riku has amassed a total of $1,200.00 in winnings from various events.

Riki Romppanen
Romppanen is a pool player from Finland. (Source: Facebook)

Notable among his achievements is his win in the PRP Nineball Open 2023, where he secured the 17th rank and earned $329. Additionally, his remarkable skills propelled him to secure the 9th rank in the Ljubljana City ‘Mezz’ 9-Ball Open 2023, earning him $552.00.

While competing in the Estonian Open for Dynamic Billard in 2023, he displayed his talent by finishing in 33rd place, walking away with a prize of $319.00.

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