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Ian Harvie Before as a child

What Is Ian Harvie Gender? is the most concerning query currently being raised online. Netizens search for Ian Harvie Before Surgery And As A Child. Let’s spill out if the rumors of Harvie being a trans are true.

The Transgender stand-up comedian looks pretty confident on the stage. The American trans man often references being one in his stage acts.

Moreover, Harvie, a biological female, is best known for his appearance on the TV show, Transparent.

People also recognized him for being a part of a filmed letter to Hollywood written by Jen Richards. In 2017, the trans community, along with GLAAD and ScreenCrush, demanded more improved roles for transgender Actors. 

Harvie is a notable comedian and speaker. The trans man launched a website by his name. The comedian merges real-life problems, such as dating life, family, past misadventures, and trans topic engagingly to the viewers. 

Ian’s standup special, including MAY THE BEST C**K WIN, Transparent, Young & Hungry, and Will & Grace, is available on his website. 

Harvie is active on social media platforms, including Twitter. As of this writing, the comedian has gained a decent 3.8 Thousand followers on the platform. 

Likewise, in his Twitter bio, he mentions his profession as a comic writer and Trandyman. He joined the platform in April 2008. 

Harvie sometimes leads brutally honest confessions. Fans are also delighted to see him at various stage events.

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Ian Harvie Before Surgery As A Child

Generally, the comedian’s supporters and fans seek Ian Harvie’s transgender facts.

The transgender stand-up comedian revealed that he realized he was a man in a woman’s body at a very early age. However, Harvie couldn’t share his issues and found it difficult to communicate his gender identity at the time.

The comedian came out as gay when he was 19. Harvie officially became transgender at thirty-two.

Ian Harvie Gender
Ian Harvie is a trans man. (Source: YouTube)

Netizens and a few toxic communities debate whether transgender entertainers should be allowed to make trans jokes.

Reportedly, many people focus more on trans women competing against biological females; but trans men topic doesn’t receive much spotlight.

However, Harvie’s success took some heat on social media with mixed reactions to his surgery. 

More so, many toxic groups on the Internet pass their negative comments about trans entertainers only based on their identity.

Also, Harvie’s reality is close to the fact as he is a trans man. Seeing the outrage, Harvie, including other transgender actors and actresses, formed an alliance writing a filmed letter to Hollywood requesting improved roles. 

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Ian Harvie Family And Wikipedia

Comedian and writer Ian Harvie has become a hot topic as his persona and speaking skills draw the attention of his loyal supporters.

As per sources, Harvie’s family raised him on Beaver Pond. He and his two siblings, Rob and Jeff, grew up in the rural mountain town of Bridgton, Maine.

However, the trans man is known for keeping his family life under wraps.

Harvie quickly became a nationally recognized comedian after beginning his stand-up career in January 2002. He performed at a small comedy club in Portland, Maine.

Ian Harvie Family and wiki
Ian Harvie had issues revealing his gender as a kid. (Source: Marca)

Eventually, he performed at a sister club in Boston, Massachusetts. He shifted to Los Angeles in June 2006, seeking better career opportunities.

In November of the same year, Harvie toured with comedian Margaret Cho as their opening act. Seeing his impressive talents, Cho cast Harvie as a permanent member of Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman, an off-Broadway burlesque comedy revue.

Harvie produced and hosted his self-titled comedy/talk show, The Ian Harvie Show, in April 2007. He performed at the Los Angeles music and comedy club Largo.

Harvie’s show is similar to other late-night talk shows but with a twist, as the show guests are all connected to the LGBT community.

Moreover, the transgender comedian has collaborated on LGBT topics with famous personalities, including Leslie Jordan, Margaret Cho, Alan Cumming, Jane Lynch, Jorja Fox, Kimberly Peirce, Suzanne Westenhoefer, and Rex Lee.

We could see a lot more from the trans man if the entertainment industry becomes more serious and offers them good roles in the years to come.

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