Hungani Ndlovu Cheating Wife Stephanie Sandows: Reddit Drama Scandal

Hungani Ndlovu Cheating

Was Hungani Ndlovu cheating on his wife? He is an established actor and dancer who has marked his name in the entertainment world with exceptional performances.

Hungani Malcolm Ndlovu was born June 19, 1994, in Mpumalanga, South Africa. He is a well-known actor and dancer.

Hungani is of Tsonga descent. He gained recognition for his roles in TV shows like Memoir of an Honest Voice, Sipho, and Scandal!

Currently, Malcolm plays the role of T’bose in Skeem Saam. In addition to acting, he has recently ventured into DJing under the name DJ Grizi.

In his personal life, Hungani was born to parents from the Tsonga community. His journey in the entertainment industry began at a young age.

Starting as a dancer at seven, Malcolm eventually transitioned into acting. To pursue his acting aspirations, he moved to the USA and graduated in hip-hop choreography.

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Was Hungani Ndlovu cheating on his wife?

Hungani Ndlovu’s cheating rumors made headlines in the South African film industry. He faced rumors of being unfaithful to his wife, Stephanie Sandows.

Hungani Ndlovu Cheating
Hungani Ndlovu and his wife have openly confirmed their divorce. (Source: YouTube

A tweet from M. Marsha alleged that the Star had cheated and impregnated another woman. Nonetheless, the duo swiftly refuted the rumors.

The couple vehemently denied any issues in their relationship or marriage. Addressing the speculation, Hungani spoke about the severe results of infidelity.

The actor emphasized that those involved in cheating should be aware of the significant impact on their lives, as relationships have both highs and lows.

Despite the challenges, the pair, known for their openness, openly discussed the hurdles in their marriage; they used their platform to share insights into the complexities of married life.

Recognizing that marriage is not always easy, Ndlovu and Stephanie expressed their commitment to overcoming challenges together.

The initial cheating rumors and the couple’s united front highlight the complexities of public relationships.

Hungani Ndlovu Reddit Drama Scandal: Divorce Rumours

The Dancer and his wife, Stephanie, are struggling in their marriage. It appears that they have confirmed the rumors of an upcoming divorce.

Reports suggest that the couple, facing challenges in their marriage, has decided to separate. In a YouTube video, Stephanie allegedly revealed her intention to file for divorce.

Furthermore,  The African Star’s wife cited his infidelity and involvement in someone else’s pregnancy.

Malcolm and Stephanie, who jointly own assets acquired during their marriage, including a production company, a shared YouTube channel, and a house, had a prenuptial agreement featuring accrual.

Despite their shared ventures, the strains in their relationship became evident, leading to this difficult decision.

Maintaining transparency, Hungani and Stephanie openly discussed their marital struggles on their YouTube channel, The NdLovu’s Uncut.

They discussed the legal complexities of divorce, sharing their challenges as a couple. They highlighted that they grappled while trying to stay united.

Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows Love Story

The South African celebrity couple’s love story began on the set of the famous South African soap opera Scandal!

(Source: Instagram) The two started dating just three months after meeting on the show. Their relationship began to unfold.

Initially keeping their relationship private, many thought they were just co-stars. Nevertheless, in 2017, The famous dancer publicly acknowledged their love for each other.

They took a significant step in their journey by exchanging vows in a secret ceremony on February 23, 2019, surrounded by close friends and family.

Malcolm and Sandows chose to reveal their union to the public a year later.

Despite their seemingly fairy-tale romance, they have openly addressed the challenges they faced in their marriage.

Unfortunately, recent reports in December 2023 suggest that the lovebird is headed for a divorce, making a bitter turn in the relationship.

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