How Long Is Edp445 In Jail For – Who Caught Him? Real Name, Age

Edp445 was caught and questioned by the police but was not sent to jail.

The cops arrested and questioned Edp445 noiselessly. Later, he was released. Also, the case was not filed in court.

Edp445 is a former American YouTuber accused of being a pedophile in June 2020. He used to upload content related to sports, food, reaction videos and his vlogs, and he was a hardcore fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, an American football team.

This Youtuber first uploaded a video of his rapping in freestyle on June 13, 2010. He had gained a good number of subscribers (more than one million) till the scandal came out and was doing quite well on YouTube.

Former YouTuber, Edp445 was a popular web celebrity once but now is a character of hatred and loathing all over the internet. Everyone is taunting him on all social media platforms for his deeds. Memes are being created by making fun of him.

He is not found on any social media platforms as of now. YouTube has also terminated all his channels and prohibited him from uploading any content, as his channels are reported for not following community guidelines.

How long Is Edp445 in Jail For?

The Berkely Police Department took Edp445 into custody in June 2020 without letting the public and media know about it. He was detained for an unknown period.

Edp445 caught by The Predators Poacher Group. (Source: DailySnark)

The police department released him after interrogation regarding the case. Berkely police arrested him due to public pressure after the video went viral all over the internet of getting caught being a pedophile.

The case of Edp445 being accused of child sexual predation was not put to court. Because of that, he was not sent to jail.

Officers stated that sting operations done by some private person could not be regarded as the primary evidence to prove guilty. They also suggested that The Predator Poachers should have informed the police authority before carrying out the operation.

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Who caught Edp445?

Edp445 was badly trapped by The Predator Poachers (a group that exposes child sexual predators) led by Alex Rosen, also known as Chest Goldstein. He was caught red-handed by the group while he was trying to meet a 13-year-old girl who did not exist. It was the setup for catching the pedophile.

This was not the first time for him being accused of conducting child sexual behaviors. He was indicted several times before. But this time, he could not get rid of it.

Edp445 busted red-handed in the live stream of Alex Rosen’s YouTube Channel (Source: Reddit)

Former web celebrity’s downfall started when Alex Rosen streamed the live video of the accused trying to meet a minor in Bakersfield, California, for sexual activity from his YouTube Channel named ‘Chest Goldstein.’ Alex also uploaded the video that contained the interaction between Edp445 and the minor girl who was framed to lure the predator in which he has an offensive and sexual conversation. Later, the video was removed by the authority.

Screenshot of sexual conversation between Edp445 and framed minor. (Source: Dailydot )

The video became an internet sensation in a brief period. People over the internet started expressing their aggression towards the child molester, and the ruination of Edp445’s life started. Even his subscribers began to report his channel. After that, he vanished from the internet and the public.

Edp445: Real name And Age.

EatDatPus*y (Edp445) is the pseudonym of a former internet celebrity whose real name is Bryant Turhan, Emerson Moreland. His friends used to call him ‘Big Cheese Nips’ when he was in middle school.

Edp445 is ranting while reacting to The Philadelphia Eagles gameplay. (Source: Daily Snark)

Bryant was born on 15th December 1990 in California, United States of America. So, his age is now 33. Moreland is African American by ethnicity.

Defamed one-time content creator, Bryant joined YouTube on June 13, 2010, and closed down on April 27, 2021.

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