How Are Da Brat And Lisa Raye Related? Half Sister Relationship

How are Da Brat And Lisa Raye related

People wants to know how are Da Brat and Lisa Raye related? Da is also known as Shawntae Harris, is an American rapper.

Her career took off in 1992 when she won a rap contest and connected with the rap duo Kris Kross, leading her to be signed by Jermaine Dupri to So So Def Records.

In 1994, she released her debut album “Funkdafied,” which achieved platinum status and marked her as the first female solo rapper to sell a million copies.

Throughout her career, she collaborated with artists like Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, and Mariah Carey, earning success with hits like “Funkdafied” and “Not Tonight.”

Da Brat’s influence on hip-hop and her groundbreaking achievements have solidified her as a prominent figure in the industry.

She is a versatile American actress, fashion designer, model, and businesswoman.

She gained recognition for her roles, such as Diana “Diamond” Armstrong in the 1998 film “The Players Club” and Neesee James in the sitcom “All of Us” from 2003 to 2007.

Additionally, she starred as Keisha Greene in the VH1 series “Single Ladies” from 2011 to 2015.

McCoy was also the former first lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands due to her marriage to Michael Misick, the country’s first Premier. She has left her mark in various fields of entertainment and entrepreneurship.

To learn about how are Da Brat and Lisa Raye related read the article below, as we also feature about their parents.

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How Are Da Brat And Lisa Raye Related? Half Sister And Relationship

Talking about how are Da Brat and Lisa Raye related. The answer to that question is that they are sisters, sharing a complex and, at times, strained relationship.

They both have been part of the entertainment industry for years.

Lisa Raye McCoy, an actress known for her roles in movies like “The Players Club,” introduced her younger sister Da Brat to her now-wife Jesseca “Judy” Dupart.

The introduction led to a sour point of contention between the sisters, as McCoy felt left out and hurt by how Da Brat announced her relationship with Judy to the public.

Their relationship became strained, with McCoy expressing her frustrations about not being informed directly by her sister.

How are Da Brat And Lisa Raye related
 Da Brat And Lisa Raye are related as they are sisters. (Image Source: Yahoo)

However, despite their conflicts, the sisters eventually reconciled, with McCoy even participating as a bridesmaid in Da Brat’s wedding to Judy.

The two have tried to rebuild their relationship, with McCoy gifting them a custom-made plaque as a gesture of reconciliation.

Despite their ups and downs, they continue to work towards strengthening their bond and maintaining a healthy sibling relationship.

Da Brat And Lisa Raye Parents

Da Brat was born on April 14, 1974, whereas Lisa Raye McCoy, born on September 23, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois.

Da Brat’s parents are David Ray McCoy, a businessman, and Nadine Brewer, a city bus driver.

They never married, and Da Brat was raised in two different households.

She spent part of her time with her mother and grandmother, attending an Apostolic church where she sang in the choir.

How are Da Brat And Lisa Raye related
There is no much information about Da Brat And Lisa Raye parents. (Image Source: GhGossip)

She is also the paternal half-sister of Lisa Raye McCoy, the actress. Da Brat’s upbringing was in the West Side district of Chicago, Illinois.

She attended Kenwood Academy during her sophomore and junior years, participating in track and basketball.

She later graduated from the Academy of Scholastic Achievement, a continuation charter school for at-risk students, in 1992.

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