Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla? Family Link Tree Explained

Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla

Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla? People are interested in learning about the relationship between these two well-known Filipino figures.

Dennis Esteban Dominguez Baldivia, popularly known as Dennis Padilla, is a well-known Filipino comedian, TV host, radio broadcaster, and actor.

Apart from his entertainment career, the actor ventured into politics and served as a councilor in Caloocan from 1998 to 2007.

The comedian ran for Board Member in Laguna during the 2013 elections but failed.

Additionally, in 2017, Padilla was appointed as one of the board members of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

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Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla?

Comedian Dennis Padilla is unrelated to Senator Robin Padilla, the Filipino Senator.

The comedian is a TV personality from the Philippines with many titles, including actor, comedian, politician, and radio broadcaster.

The former councilor is affiliated with the Aksyon Demokratiko political party.

On the other hand, Robin is a Filipino politician, television personality, film actor, and director, presently holding the position of a Senator in the Philippines since June 30, 2022.

Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla
“Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla” is being searched online. (Source: YouTube)

With the radio broadcaster’s influence in his political career, rumors of him being related to Robin Padilla began to spread. However, Dennis Padilla and Robin Padilla are not related by blood.

Meanwhile, since Dennis and Robin have the same profession, their followers probably assumed they were brothers, leading to searches such as “Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla?”

However, the two families are unrelated. The senator is the son of Roy Padilla Sr. and Lolita Eva Carino, while Dennis was born to Dencio Padilla Sr. and Catalina Dominguez.

Notwithstanding the similar surname, the two families are not connected.

Dennis Padilla Family Link Tree Explained

Padilla was born on February 9, 1962. The former city council member seems to have inherited his acting talents from his parents.

His father, Dencio, is a veteran Filipino actor and comedian whose legacy of entertaining the people is continued by Dennis.

Looking at his successful career, he has become even more popular than his dad.

Similarly, the Padilla family has always been involved in the movie and TV industries.

Even in the younger generation, his daughter, Julia Barretto, has become a prodigy actress in the Philippines.

Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla
Dennis Padilla posts throwback photos with kids (Source: gmanetwork)

Loved by numerous fans, Julia has made the comedian proud of her.

Meanwhile, the TV host’s mother, Catalina Domingues, is not in the celebrity line, but she has always encouraged her children to become what they desire.

And from what we can observe, all four sons in the family have focused on acting along with other ventures.

The Filipino actor has four sibling brothers in his family: Gene Padilla, Richard Padilla, Glen Baldevia, and Denico Pabilla Jr.

As stated in his Wikipedia profile, Dennis stands out as the most renowned among his siblings, but his other siblings are also involved in the Filipino movie industry.

Dennis Padilla Wife

Dennis’s spouse, Marjorie Barretto, was a well-known actress in her time and also served as a former city council member.

Throughout their over 12 years of marriage, the couple had three children: their youngest son Leon and their middle child Claudia.

Following their divorce, the children primarily reside with their mother, Marjorie.

Is Dennis Padilla Related To Robin Padilla
Dennis Padilla was married to Marjorie Barretto previously. (Source: Facebook)

However, it seems that the relationship between the children and their father, Dennis, might not be as close, as holiday posts and family moments on social media do not often include him.

Marjorie had moved on with Congressman Enrico Echiverri after separating from Dennis.

She also had another baby, a lovely daughter named Erich Echvieri, with the former mayor of Caloocan.

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