Helena De Grammont Wikipidia And Idade: How Old Was The Journalist?

Helena De Grammont

Helena De Grammont Wikipedia: After the news of her passing was made public, there was an upsurge in searches for the former television Globo reporter. Continue reading to learn more about her life in detail.

For more than ten years, Helena De Grammont contributed to excellent coverage as a correspondent for TV Globo. She was a query-loving reporter who put her skills to use during pivotal times, as when the nation was resuming its democratic process.

The journalist passed away on Thursday, the 27th, at the age of 74. Lili de Grammont, Helena’s niece, verified the information on social media. There was no mention of the reason of death. Lili is the daughter of composer Eliane de Grammont, who was murdered by her spouse Lindomar Castilho.

The niece emphasized Helena’s commitment to feminism, particularly in the 1980s, in the article in which she bid the journalist farewell.

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Helena De Grammont Wikipedia Explored

Helena de Grammont, sometimes known as Heleninha by her writing colleagues, was born in the state’s interior town of Botucatu. She started out as a bank clerk but changed her career to follow in the footsteps of her brother, a TV Globo editor.

Heleninha was given the prognosis of early Alzheimer’s at the age of 58. She attended a journalism program in So Paulo before beginning work at TV Globo in the 1970s. Globo reporter for more than 10 years, she had been living with Alzheimer’s for about 15. The cause of death was not disclosed and the information was confirmed.

She read every newspaper, and in Fantástico, she took part in excellent reporting, including the one that exposed the co-optation of kids by Reverend Moon’s sect. She kept up with the drama surrounding the 1985 disappearance of scout Marco Aurélio, a case that is still open today.

Helena De Grammont Wikipedia
Helena De Grammont  recently passed away at the age of 74.(Source: Folha-UOL)

Helena de Grammont’s life was destroyed by a family tragedy at the beginning of the 1980s. Her ex-husband, one of the era’s most popular singers, Lindomar Castilho, killed her sister, who was 26 years old.

Lindomar approached the nightclub where Eliane was playing and opened fire after being dissatisfied with the separation. Heleninha coordinated protests calling for justice and mobilized women. The punishment for Lindomar Castilho was twelve years in prison.

Helena De Grammont Idade: How Old Was The Journalist?

As previously stated the reporter was 74 years old at the time of her death but the exact date of her birth is unknown. She was married twice – to journalist Odair Redondo and sports commentator Juarez Soares, and has three children.

Helena actively fought against femicide after the crime. “He did a lot for the women of the country. angry. Beautiful. Example. She accomplished everything and more than she was supposed to. Inspiring woman,” wrote Lili.

Helena De Grammont
Helena de Grammont, from TV Globo, dies at the age of 74 in São Paulo (Source: veja)

The reporter’s precise birth date is uncertain, despite the fact that she was 74 years old when she passed away. She has three children from her two marriages—to journalist Odair Redondo and sports analyst Juarez Soares.

Helena became an outspoken opponent of femicide. “She did a lot for the women of the country. She was beautiful example and she accomplished everything and more than she was supposed to. She was anInspiring woman,” wrote Lili.

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