Hattie Boydle Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is The Body Builder?

Hattie Boydle Age

Hattie Boydle is a renowned fitness professional and WBFF Pro who has significantly impacted the fitness world.

She is a versatile individual whose achievements span the realms of fitness, coaching, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

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Her notable accomplishments include securing the WBFF 2016 World Champion title in the prestigious World Beauty Fitness and Fashion competition.

She has gained recognition for her remarkable physique, dedication to training, and empowering values that inspire women and men in their fitness journeys.

Hattie is a successful fitness athlete and founder of the Sports Model Project, an online coaching program that empowers women in their fitness journeys, promoting healthy living and goal attainment.

She is a coach, entrepreneur, and a leading advocate for body positivity who encourages women to prioritize well-being over unrealistic beauty standards.

Recently, Hattie and her partner, Koben George Moore, have been confronted with legal charges stemming from the uncovering of a stash of steroids and recreational drugs at their home.

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Hattie Boydle Age: How Old Is The Body Builder?

Hattie Boydle’s age is 35 years old. She was born and raised in Australia.

Her appetite for competition and performance emerged at the tender age of four when her parents enrolled her in gymnastics.

Hattie Boydle Age
Hattie’s journey into fitness took a significant turn. (Source: Musclenation)

Rapidly progressing, she became an elite gymnast, receiving training at the AIS and securing victories in numerous national-level competitions.

Nevertheless, as she advanced in age, she encountered formidable challenges.

During primary school, she endured bullying, and by the time she found stability and happiness in high school, a tragic accident claimed the life of one of her closest friends.

This marked the onset of a descent into profound depression, accompanied by an overwhelming urge to exert absolute control over every aspect of her life – from diet and exercise to her dietary choices.

Unfortunately, this pursuit of control led to an unhealthy relationship with food, setting the stage for a protracted and strenuous battle against anorexia that left a lasting impact.

Hattie Boydle Wikipedia Biography

Hattie Boydle started her career as an Australian bodybuilder, fitness model, and body positivity advocate.

She has solidified her name in the fitness industry with remarkable achievements.

Hattie Boydle Age And Wikipedia
Hattie Boydle WBFF PRO on Instagram. (Source: Pinterest)

Notably, she clinched the titles of the 2011 INBA Australia Sports Model Champion, the 2013 MuscleMania Model Overall Champion, and the prestigious 2016 WBFF Fitness Model Champion of the World.

Beyond her success in competition, Hattie actively imparts her knowledge through fitness and wellness seminars across Australia.

Before her fame, Hattie’s journey into fitness took a significant turn after losing a close friend, inspiring her to prioritize health and well-being.

However, her early career was marked by a candid admission of grappling with exercise addiction and disordered eating.

In addition to her physical prowess, Hattie has a notable online presence, particularly on YouTube, where her channel has amassed 180,000 views.

She shares content on this platform, including workout videos, health tips, travel documentaries, and clips from insightful interviews.

Adding to her accomplishments, Hattie has established partnerships with renowned fitness brands such as Fitplan, Gut Performance, Fitcover, and Muscle Nation.

Beyond this, recently, Hattie Boydle and her partner, Koben George Moore, have faced legal charges related to the discovery of a cache of steroids and party drugs at their residence.

The Palm Beach apartment they shared was reportedly searched by police on December 22 of the previous year, revealing an assortment of nearly 20 drugs and unauthorized medicines.

According to court documents, the list of substances seized includes various steroids such as oxandrolone, trenbolone, testosterone, nandrolone, and stanozolol.

Additionally, officers allegedly found cocaine, MDMA, growth hormones, and other substances during the search.

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