Meet Harry Wilson Wife To Be Abby Claybrook: Relationship Timeline

Harry Wilson wife

People are curious to know about Harry Wilson wife to be Anny Claybrook. He is a talented Welsh professional footballer who excels as a winger, known for his prowess on both the right and left wings as well as in the attacking midfield position.

Born in Wrexham on March 22, 1997. Wilson presently plays for the Welsh national team as well as for Premier League club Fulham.

His path to greatness began in Liverpool FC’s youth program, where he developed his abilities and demonstrated extraordinary promise.

Wilson made his debut as a professional with Liverpool, and over the years, he acquired important experience by going on loan to several different clubs.

His tenures with Crewe Alexandra, Hull City, Derby County, AFC Bournemouth, Cardiff City, and Fulham are just a few of his famous loan assignments.

His outstanding accomplishments over these loan periods gave him the chance to display his skills in various competitive settings.

Notably, Harry Wilson broke Gareth Bale’s previous record for becoming the youngest player to represent Wales in October 2013 at the age of just 16 years and 207 days.

He made history by being Liverpool’s youngest player to play for another country.

Throughout his career, Wilson’s market value has seen fluctuations, with his highest market value reaching €25 million in December 2019. As of June 20, 2023, his current market value stands at €16 million.

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Meet Harry Wilson Wife To Be Abby Claybrook

People want to know about Harry Wilson wife to be Abby as he recently proposed to her. The Welsh professional footballer and star for Fulham is dating the gorgeous Abby Claybrook.

Some sources say Harry Wilson wife is Abby Calybrook, whereas some sources state they are just dating and haven’t married yet.

The lovers, Abby and Harry have been dating since their high school years. Moreover, they are known as high school sweethearts.

Abby was Harry’s continuous supporter while his football career took off and he signed loan agreements with numerous teams.

She has played a crucial role in his career, supporting him as he pursued a spot on the first squad and sharing in his triumphs.

Harry Wilson wife
Harry Wilson and his partner celebrating their promotion at Craven Cottage. (Image Source: The Sun)

Abby leads a beautiful lifestyle and is frequently photographed wearing fancy clothing while enjoying opulent holidays with Harry.

Among the places they have visited while traveling include Dubai, Paris, Ibiza, Los Angeles, and Mykonos.

Abby frequently posts about their travels on social media, providing a window into their widely traveled lives.

In addition, Abby and Harry have added a Poodle-cross dog to their home.

They appear to treasure their pet, and it is speculated that they may one day contemplate having a child of their own.

Harry Wilson has integrated Abby Claybrook into his life, helping him both on and off the field, and they are still making wonderful memories together.

Harry Wilson Relationship Timeline Explored

As mentioned above Harry has been dating Abby since their high school. 

As Harry’s football career blossomed and he embarked on loan deals with various clubs, Abby remained a constant source of support by his side.

She has been an integral part of his journey, joining him on his quest for first-team football, and celebrating his successes.

Abby enjoys a glamorous lifestyle, often seen dressed in designer wear and indulging in lavish vacations with Harry.

Their travels have taken them to various destinations, including Dubai, Paris, Ibiza, Los Angeles, and Mykonos, among others.

Harry Wilson Wife
Harry Wilson And Abby have a pet dog. (Image Source: The Sun)

On social media, Abby regularly shares their travel experiences, giving a glimpse into their well-traveled lives.

Despite having that information, there is no other information that suggests he has been in multiple relationships.

As an athlete, he loves to keep his personal life private, as Harry has not shared much information regarding his love life.

The only information available to us is mentioned above, but we will be the first one to update you on the topic as soon as we get information on his love life. So stay in touch.

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