Hareem Shah Colgate Video, Toothpaste Ad – Who Is She? Age And Husband

hareem shah colgate video

Recently, Hareem Shah Colgate Video has been viral on the internet. And People are curious to know about this controversial video related to Hareem.

Hareem Shah, a prominent TikTok personality from Pakistan, has been in the limelight for quite some time.

The tiktoker has made headlines for her interactions with several high-profile individuals, including politicians and government officials.

Hareem’s journey to fame began when she made a video of herself with the foreign office of Pakistan. The video went viral on social media and gained millions of views and shares.

The video was posted on her TikTok account on October 22, 2019; her popularity has grown exponentially.

Hareem Shah Colgate Video- Toothpaste Ad

Hareem has recently been conflicted in a scandal after a video of her engaging in inappropriate behavior was leaked and shared widely on social media. The video has attracted global attention and sparked controversy.

The controversy around Hareem’s Colgate toothpaste video escalated when a video of her engaging in inappropriate behavior was leaked online, causing it to circulate on social media platforms and draw the attention of a worldwide audience.

Hareem Shah
Hareem Shah having a good time in City Centre Bahrain (Source: Instagram)

In a recent Instagram story, Hareem spoke about the leaked video, stating that she trusted her friends and never thought they would betray her in such a manner.

She revealed that her friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz had access to her phone while living with her and were responsible for the video’s leak.

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Hareem Shah Age Revealed

Hareem Shah, born on November 22, 1991, is a 31-year-old social media sensation from Pakistan.

Her birth name is Fiza Hussain, and she was born into a Muslim family. Her Father is Zarar Hussain Shah.

She has three sisters and three brothers, but other information about her family is unknown. The famous tiktoker Hareem studied at a religious school in Pakistan.

She is pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Competitive Religion from the University of Peshawar.

Meet Hareem Shah Husband

Hareem, the popular social media personality, surprised her fans when she confirmed her marriage on June 28, 2021.

Initially, she kept details about her husband under wraps, leaving fans curious about her personal life.

hareem Shah husband
Hareem Shah with her husband in Japan (Source: Instagram)

However, she later revealed the identity of her husband in an interview with Urdu Point. Hareem is married to Bilal Shah, who is said to be very close to PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto.

Hareem said their marriage was a combination of love and arranged marriage, and the couple was very happy together.

Hareem Shah – Is she involved in other controversies?

Shah, a social media sensation, has garnered a significant following due to her captivating online presence. However, her different actions have brought her many controversies.

She displayed numerous foreign money notes in a highly publicized video, which raised suspicions of illicit activity.

Moreover, she was also recorded opening alcohol bottles with her partner, violating Islamic laws in Pakistan and drawing criticism from conservative segments of society.

Due to her controversial behavior, the Sindh High Court ordered Shah to appear before the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) by April 18 to answer alleged money laundering charges.

The court’s decision followed an investigation after the video went viral on social media platforms.

In January 2021, Hareem Shah gained media attention after she hit Mufti Qavi and claimed he had physically harassed her and her cousin during a hotel room meeting.

However, this was not the only controversy that Hareem Shah was involved in.

Again in July 2021, numerous videos emerged on social media displaying Hareem Shah smoking sheesha, which drew criticism from some individuals for promoting improper behavior on social media.

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