Hannah Ingram-Moore Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

Hannah Ingram-Moore Wikipedia

Hannah Ingram-Moore, a prominent British businesswoman and accredited executive life coach, stands as a beacon of success in the challenging realm of business.

With over two decades of experience, she has shaped and developed businesses globally, collaborating with renowned brands like Gap, Fortnum & Mason, and Liberty London.

As the co-founder and director of Maytrix, a thriving business recruitment agency, Moore’s strategic acumen empowers leaders to reshape enterprises and achieve sustained growth.

Beyond her business prowess, she actively supports female entrepreneurs, advocates for gender equality, and champions her late father’s legacy through the Captain Tom Foundation. 

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Hannah Ingram-Moore Wikipedia

Hannah Ingram-Moore stands as a distinguished figure in the British business landscape, boasting a career spanning over two decades.

Renowned for her expertise in business development, leadership, and coaching, she has made significant contributions to prestigious brands like Gap, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty London, and Swatch Group.

As the co-founder and director of Maytrix, she provides strategic guidance to businesses across diverse sectors, empowering leaders to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Beyond her professional endeavors, the life coach is deeply committed to supporting female entrepreneurs and promoting gender equality in the business world.

Through advocacy efforts and mentorship programs, the author inspires women globally to pursue their ambitions and break barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Hannah Ingram-Moore Wikipedia
Hannah Ingram-Moore is a seasoned leader with expertise in people strategy, business growth, and leadership. (Source: ITVX)

Additionally, the executive life coach is actively involved in charitable initiatives.

She continues to honor her late father’s legacy by inspiring hope and supporting those in need through her role with the Captain Tom Foundation.

To maintain her presence and engage with her audience, the podcaster remains active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares insights and updates.

With 11.1K followers on Instagram, she uses her platform to connect with her audience and further her mission of empowerment and positive change.

Additionally, she extends her reach and influence through her own blogs and websites, strategically curated platforms designed to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Hannah Ingram-Moore Age: How Old Is She?

Hannah Ingram-Moore’s exact date of birth remains undisclosed to the public, but according to the “Independent,” she was reported to be 53 years old in 2023.

By inference, in 2024, she would be or have turned 54, placing her in her early 50s, where she has amassed extensive experience indicative of a seasoned professional.

The Business Growth Expert’s career journey commenced over two decades ago, marked by pivotal roles with esteemed brands like Mulberry England, The Gap, and Liberty Ltd.

Her leadership positions, including European Retail Operations Manager and District Manager, showcased her exceptional acumen and leadership skills.

Hannah Ingram-Moore Wikipedia 2
Hannah Ingram-Moore has devoted a large portion of her career to assisting companies of all kinds in growing. (Source: The Mirror)

In 2017, Hannah ventured into the role of International Strategy Business Consultant at Whittard of Chelsea, where she played a crucial role in shaping sales strategies across multiple territories.

Continuing her upward trajectory, the life coach assumed greater responsibilities.

This included serving as interim CEO at The Captain Tom Foundation, spearheading initiatives aimed at inspiring hope and empowering communities.

In 2022, she embarked on a new venture as the founder of “Be Moore Remarkable,” a business coaching endeavor dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations toward their full potential.

She continues to have a major influence on her customers’ professional lives by helping them navigate the cutthroat corporate world with her strategic insights and coaching expertise.

Hannah Ingram-Moore Family

Hannah Ingram-Moore, the daughter of the late Captain Tom Moore and Pamela, his second wife since 1968, is an integral part of a close-knit family.

Her sister, Lucy, a mother of two, found her calling in homeopathy after their mother’s passing in 2006.

Hannah, the co-founder of Maytrix, a company specializing in recruitment, brand development, and training for businesses, plays a significant role in its success.

She suggested the idea of a fundraising walk for her father, Captain Tom, as a way to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Together, they transformed it into an NHS fundraising campaign, unaware of its eventual global impact.

Hannah Ingram-Moore Wikipedia
Pictured with her late father, Captain Tom Moore, is Hannah Ingram-Moore. (Source: Independent)

Married to Colin Ingram, the couple has two children, Benji and Georgia.

Their family resides in a £1.2 million home in Bedfordshire, where Captain Tom lived with them for 13 years before his passing.

Colin, formerly the director of Maytrix Group, is now the co-founder of the Captain Tom Foundation.

Shortly after her father’s passing in February 2021, Hannah shared on BBC Breakfast that Captain Tom left a “legacy he could never have imagined.”

The Ingram-Moore family continues to honor and build upon that legacy through their ongoing work and initiatives.

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