Evan Reid Missing Glasgow – Where Was He Last Seen? Age And Family

Evan Reid

Evan was sighted for the final time in the vicinity of Inchinnan Road at approximately 10: 06 on Saturday, March 25. The term Evan Reid Missing Glasgow has been one of the most-searched topics on the internet lately.

According to the description, he is of a slender build and around 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

At the time he was last seen, he was dressed in dark blue jeans, grey trainers, a black body warmer, and a khaki green jumper.

Inspector Paul Connelly expressed increasing concern as time passed and was eager to locate Evan as soon as possible.

The investigation to locate Evan is still underway, and they are asking for assistance from the public.

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Evan Reid Missing Glasgow – Where Was He Last Seen?

Evan Reid Missing Glasgow has been one of the topics of the latest missing case on the internet as he has not been found for almost weeks.

After a night out in Glasgow on Saturday night, Reid was last spotted disembarking from a train in Paisley and has not been seen since.

CCTV footage captured Evan walking along Love Street and New Inchinnan Road but has not communicated with family or friends since then.

Evan Reid Missing Glasgow
Missing man’s picture shown to thousands of football fans as search continues (Source: Yahoo Sport UK)

According to a report by Glasgow Live, his partner, Nicole Murray, stated that the family has been searching the streets for him.

She expressed deep concern and shock about the situation, as Evan’s behavior was out of character.

She added that he has no known mental health problems, leaving them in confusion about what might have happened to him.

Further, information about Evan Reid Missing Glasgow is not made public, and as soon as there are updates in this case, we will include the details.

Evan Reid age – how old is he?

Evan Reid, who was 31 years old and the father of one child, sent a message to his family after a night out on Saturday.

He also indicated that something was happening. He subsequently vanished, causing his family to become increasingly worried.

Evan Reid
Evan Reid Missing Glasgow Irvine, Still Alive or Dead? (Source: NAYAG Tricks)

According to Nicole, the wife of Ried, he had been out all night in Glasgow. He messaged her to inform her that he was taking the train home but that something dodgy was happening.

At the time of receiving the message, she was unaware that Evan, the husband of Nicole, was already on the train.

Authorities are currently reviewing the CCTV footage from the train to see if any evidence emerges.

According to the individuals with him on the night, Evan was not excessively inebriated.

Evan Reid family

Nicole and Evan share a three-year-old daughter, and Nicole is puzzled as to why he alighted from the train in Paisley instead of continuing to Irvine, where they reside.

CCTV footage from Gilmour Street station indicates that he appeared troubled as he left the train.

Evan’s family and friends have traveled to Paisley to hunt for him and have spent the day and night exploring nearby lanes and alleys.

Evan Reid
Evan Reid: Police search area in Paisley as new images of missing Irvine dad released (Source: Daily Record)

The missing person’s loved ones are taking additional steps to locate him by posting disturbing posters in Irvine, encouraging anyone on the train on Saturday and may have seen Evan or others behaving suspiciously to come forward.

The Renfrewshire police are urging anyone with information about Evan’s whereabouts to come forward, emphasizing that his disappearance is highly unusual and that they are concerned about his well-being.

Inspector Andy Macdonald stated that their primary objective is ensuring Evan is safe and sound.

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