Grace VanderWaal Siblings: Olivia VanderWaal And Jakob VanderWaal

Grace Vanderwaal siblings

Who are the Grace VanderWaal siblings? Grace is an American singer-songwriter and actress known for her distinct vocals and ukulele accompaniment.

She began sharing her original songs and covers on YouTube and performing at open mics as a child in Suffern, New York.

At just 12 years old in 2016, VanderWaal won the eleventh season of America’s Got Talent with her original songs.

Soon after, she signed with Columbia Records and Syco Music to release her debut EP, Perfectly Imperfect, which became the highest-selling EP of the year.

Her first full-studio album, Just the Beginning, charted in 2017. She later released another EP called Letters Vol. 1 in 2019.

VanderWaal has since performed at high-profile venues like Planet Hollywood and Madison Square Garden and the Special Olympics World Winter Games opening and closing ceremonies.

She’s also done various benefit concerts and appearances on talk shows. In 2017, she embarked on her first headlining concert tour supporting her album Just the Beginning.

She went on tour with Imagine Dragons in 2018 during their Evolve World Tour and Florence and the Machine in 2019 before headlining her Ur So Beautiful tour.

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Grace VanderWaal Siblings: Olivia VanderWaal And Jakob VanderWaal

The renowned singer and songwriter Grace is part of a close-knit family that includes her two siblings: a sister named Olivia and a brother named Jakob.

While there is limited information about Grace’s siblings, she has shared various photos featuring them on her social media platforms, expressing gratitude for their support.

In particular, Grace has publicly acknowledged and celebrated the strong bond she shares with her sister, Olivia, describing her as a sibling and best friend.

Grace Vanderwaal siblings
                                                                A beautiful image of Grace Vanderwaal with her sister Olivia (Source: Instagram)

Despite the presence of social media accounts for Grace’s sister, Olivia, she has kept her profiles private, maintaining privacy regarding her profession and whereabouts.

Also, this intentional decision contrasts with the more open approach taken by some other well-known musicians, who often share detailed aspects of their family members’ lives with the public.

On the other hand, Grace has opted to keep her siblings’ lives relatively low-key and shielded from excessive media scrutiny, emphasizing the importance of privacy and personal boundaries within her family.

Grace VanderWaal family

Grace VanderWaal was born near Kansas City to parents Tina and David, who lived in Lenexa then.

Her father is of Dutch descent. When he became a marketing executive at LG Electronics in 2007, the family relocated to Suffern, New York.

In addition, the songwriter, VanderWaal, later moved to South Carolina. She has an older brother and sister.

The renowned young singer and actress also has a large Instagram following, where she has expressed appreciation for her mother. This amazing woman has supported VanderWaal’s budding career as a musician.

While scrolling down her Instagram, one can find images and clips of Grace with her siblings and family, showcasing her love and affection for them.

Grace vanderWaal’s net worth

As of 2023, the talented young musician has accumulated an estimated net worth of about $2.3 million. Though Grace VanderWaal hasn’t disclosed her precise net worth. 

Also, this remarkable financial achievement is due to income from several revenue streams, particularly album sales and live performances.

Grace Vanderwaal siblings
                Grace, accompanied by her parents Tina and Dave, is pictured alongside her elder siblings, Olivia and Jakob. (Source: Pinterest)

Grace’s widely popular YouTube presence, with over 3.46 million subscribers and 470 million views, has also become a significant income source.

Social Blade estimates her potential YouTube earnings to be $281 to $4,500 monthly and $3,400 to $54,000 yearly.

In conclusion, Grace has garnered substantial wealth through her music and online video content for her age.

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