Matthew Simpson Missing North Yorkshire Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

Matthew Simpson missing

43-year-old Matthew Lee Simpson was last spotted leaving his home in the Barlow area near Selby around 2:45 p.m. on Monday, August 21st. Learn about Matthew Simpson missing case. Is he found yet?

Matthew Lee Simpson has been missing for several days, sparking concerns from his family and the authorities.

Aged 43, Simpson’s disappearance has raised questions due to its mysterious nature.

His family and law enforcement are joining forces to appeal to the public for assistance locating him.

The Simpson family is making a heartfelt plea to anyone with information about his current location, as they are apprehensive about their cherished family member’s wellbeing.

In most of the missing cases, the individual is either found in critical condition or is deceased.

Therefore, the Simpson family is seeking help from authorities and online users.

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Matthew Simpson Missing North Yorkshire Update 2023

The netizens are eager to learn about Matthew Simpson’s missing case. So here is what they need to know:

Police have been urgently conducting searches as concern mounts over Lee’s wellbeing.

He was last seen wearing a fluffy grey cardigan, joggers, and black sneakers. Lee is described as having an average build.

Anyone who believes they may have information on his whereabouts or thinks they saw Lee recently is strongly urged to call the North Yorkshire Police at 101 immediately.

Matthew Simpson missing
43-year-old Lee Simpson is missing: he was last spotted leaving his home in the Barlow area near Selby around 2:45 p.m. on Monday, August 21st. (Source: The York Press)

Officials are increasingly worried about Lee Simpson’s safety after he went missing from his Barlow home Monday afternoon, which was last seen potentially headed toward York.

Detectives plead with the public for credible tips that could locate the 43-year-old.

Further details about the situation involving the disappearance of Lee Simpson have not been disclosed publicly.

It is recommended to stay engaged and keep updated to reveal more progress and specifics about this matter.

Furthermore, the details about Matthew Lee Simpson’s missing case have not been updated since this article was published.

Is Matthew Simpson found yet?

At the time of composing and releasing this article, there had been no successful discovery of Lee Simpson.

Nevertheless, law enforcement and his family are collaboratively working to locate him in a favorable condition.

The police are actively involved in locating an individual who has been reported as not being present at his home in North Yorkshire.

Also, this situation has prompted law enforcement agencies to initiate a search operation to find the missing man and ensure his safety.

Additionally, online communities are also actively spreading information about the case of Matthew Lee’s disappearance across various social media channels, aiming to gather information that could lead to his safe and unharmed recovery.

Matthew Simpson missing
Is he found yet? No, Matthew Simpson is not found yet. (Source: The York Press)

The Simpson family grapples with a deep concern for Matthew, who has vanished under puzzling circumstances.

Also, his last sighting involved him wearing a soft grey cardigan, grey sweatpants, and black sports shoes.

Anyone with any information related to Matthew Lee Simpson’s whereabouts is requested to inform the authorities as soon as possible.

This is a developing story, so stay tuned and connected to find out more about his missing case in the future.

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