Glow Up On May Yeung Wikipedia: Age Partner And Instagram 2023

Glow Up On May Yeung Wikipedia

Glow Up On May Yeung Wikipedia: She is a young and talented make-up artist. She is also a contestant on ‘Glow Up,’ a British reality television competition show on BBC.

‘Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star,’ commonly known as ‘Glow Up,’ is a British reality TV competition series that tracks the journeys of budding makeup artists.

Also, the program showcases their proficiency in makeup application and delves into their creative perspective, flexibility, and capacity to manage the stress of demanding challenges.

Yeung is an emerging makeup artist who has managed to captivate individuals with her expertise and abilities in the realm of cosmetics and the art of their application.

By participating in the British reality competition show known as ‘Glow Up,’ she has successfully expanded her fan base and garnered a broader following worldwide.

Her participation in the show has elevated her profile and increased her popularity on a global scale.

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Glow Up On May Yeung Wikipedia and age 

On-May was born in 2002 as of 2024,
22 years old.

Although she has been able to impress people with her skills as a make-up artist, Glow Up On May Yeung’s Wikipedia page is currently under review.

On-May Yeung, a resident of Glasgow, is currently a student at West College, Scotland, and also pursues a passion for makeup artistry.

A significant turning point occurred as time passed when she viewed the iconic music video ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.

Glow Up On May Yeung Wikipedia
Glow Up On-May is one of the talented contestants of the British reality television competition show (Source: TheCinemaholic)

At that moment, she discovered her genuine passion for the world of makeup artistry.

Pursuing her newfound calling, she commenced her educational journey at the Clydebank campus of West College, initially enrolling in the Begin Hairdressing Course.

Her determination drove her to pursue an NC Makeup Artistry program at the same institution, and she later advanced to the HND Makeup Artistry course to further hone her skills.

During this period, she had the invaluable opportunity to partake in a training session with MAC, a renowned cosmetics brand.

May Yeung partner

Unlike other popular internet personalities, On-May maintains a low profile regarding her dating timeline.

Presently, On-May Yeung has not disclosed any information about a potential romantic partner on any public platforms.

Given her youthful age, it’s possible that she is prioritizing her career over personal relationships.

Glow Up On May Yeung Wikipedia
Glow Up On-May has more than 7k followers on her Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

While there is no available information regarding her current relationship status, she does have a circle of friends with whom she enjoys spending quality time.

In the future, if she chooses to share details about her possible partner, we will promptly update this article with that information. So, please stay updated for any updates.

On May Yeung Instagram 2023

On-May Yeung’s social media presence includes a total of 54 posts and a following of 7,667 individuals, and she follows 3,315 accounts herself.

Her profile description signifies her participation in the fifth season of the television series “Glow Up.”

She identifies herself as a makeup artist, indicating her professional focus in the field.

Glow Up On May Yeung Wikipedia
Glow Up On May Yeung is pursuing her career as a makeup artist. (Source: Instagram)

Yeung has posted numerous pictures and videos showcasing her talent for applying makeup to both her friends and herself.

Additionally, she frequently shares content where she experiments with makeup techniques and creatively adorns her own face.

These posts provide a glimpse into her passion and expertise in the world of makeup artistry.

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