Giantwaffle Allegations And Accusations Of Sexual Assault – Case Details And Update


Andrew Bodine, who is also known by his online name ‘GiantWaffle’, is a renowned Twitch streamer. The topic of GiantWaffle allegations has been circulating the internet lately.

The young and popular Twitch streamer is recognized for his modded Minecraft streams.

He gained many followers on Twitch after befriending Lirik and streaming a diverse range of games, including DayZ.

In 2011, GiantWaffle began streaming StarCraft and later Minecraft on Twitch after being inspired by watching Day9TV’s streams and wanting to create his own content.

After a few years, he lost interest in Minecraft and decided to explore a wider range of games, which was a challenging transition that required him to rebuild his brand.

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Giantwaffle Allegations And Accusations Of Sexual Assault

Admirers and online users want to know about GiantWaffle allegations and accusations of sexual assault.

In 2020, GaiantWaffle was accused of sexually assaulting a girl named Deb, who revealed GiantWaffle was involved in that case.

Deb has shared a very personal account of what allegedly happened to her, and the Twitch streamer commends her for coming forward.

The famous streamer claimed that he doesn’t recall all the details of what occurred six years ago and that he never sexually assaulted or digitally penetrated Deb.

GiantWaffle allegations
KaeporaDeborah’s Statement on GiantWaffle and Stivitybobo – Destiny Reacts (Source: YouTube)

As per what happened between Deb and Stiv at SGDQ, they have their own version of events, says GianWaffle.

A Twitch streamer stated that he respects their privacy and gives them space since he has seen them post about it in the past.

While he doesn’t doubt that something might have occurred between Deb and Stiv, her claim that he violated her body is untrue.

Further details about the renowned Twitch streamer, the GiantWaffle allegations, and the accusations of sexual assault are not available.

Giantwaffle case details 

To talk about the Deb sexual assault case, she stated that Gianwaffle, Brad, Stiv, and Deb hung out and played Mario Kart after having some drinks.

They were the ones who poured Deb’s drinks for her. During their time together, Sam, Deb’s husband, was silent and kept his distance from them.

At some point, he left the room, but Deb didn’t realize it because she was already quite intoxicated.

GiantWaffle streamed 572 hours last month, breaking Twitch’s monthly record (Source: The Loadout)

She trusted these individuals, whom she had only interacted with briefly on Twitch chat or never met before, to take care of her and ensure her safety during her first time trying alcohol.

Deb has blamed Andrew Bodine, who is also known by his online name ‘GiantWaffle,’ and his friend Stiv for using her.

Deb also claimed she is still traumatized and has gone through much medical assistance due to the incident she suffered from Stiv and Giantwaffle.

Giantwaffle case details update

Currently, there are no updates related to the Giant Waffle case. We will update this article as soon as any information is leaked about this case.

During GiantWaffle’s early days on Twitch, he met Lirik in Towelliee’s chat room in 2011, where they would occasionally chat.

He noticed that Lirik would announce his own streams when Towelliee was offline, and people would tune in to watch him.

Twitch Streamer GiantWaffle Streamed For 573 Hours Last Month. Breaking the Record (Source: Wicked Good Gaming)

When DayZ was released in 2012, the popular streamer started stream-sniping Lirik, which led to them becoming better acquainted.

They began playing games together, but GiantWaffle eventually returned to Minecraft after getting bored.

However, their friendship remained strong, and they team up occasionally while playing the same game.

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