George Springer Parents Laura And George Springer II: Family Tree And Ethnicity

George Springer

George Springer parents Laura and George Springer II have a history in sports, which has influenced their son’s involvement in athletics since he was a child. 

George Chelston Springer III is a professional baseball player from the United States.

He is an outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays in Major League Baseball (MLB). Before joining the Blue Jays, he played for the Houston Astros for six years.

The Astros selected the athlete as the 11th overall pick in the 2011 MLB draft. In 2014, with the Astros, he made his MLB debut.

Likewise, Springer played baseball for the University of Connecticut. He received awards like the Big East Conference Baseball Player of the Year and was recognized as a First Team All-American.

In 2017, the baseball player became an MLB All-Star, won the Silver Slugger Award, and helped the Astros win the World Series.

Chelston hit five home runs during the World Series and was chosen as an All-Star in 2018, 2019, and 2022.

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George Springer Parents Laura And George Springer II

His father, George Springer II, was involved in the 1976 Little League World Series and later played college football for the UConn Huskies.

Springer’s parents played a crucial role in his life and supported his baseball career.

Meanwhile, his mother, Laura, was a talented Utuado, Puerto Rico gymnast. They both taught him the importance of hard work and dedication.

As a child, the baseball athlete faced the challenge of stuttering and struggled to accept himself.

However, after making it to the major leagues, he embraced his true self and developed techniques to improve his speech.

George Springer Parents
George Springer III Comes From a Family That Lives and Breathes Baseball (Source: fatherly)

His journey inspired others facing similar difficulties, and he now works as a spokesperson for the Stuttering Association for the Young. He also hosts a yearly bowling event in Houston to raise money for the organization.

The player’s father admires his son’s bravery and determination in overcoming his stutter.

Although George received support and guidance from his family, it was ultimately up to him to discover new approaches and gain self-confidence.

George Springer Family Tree Explored

George’s family is very close and profoundly loves sports, especially baseball and softball.

His grandfather, also named George, came from Panama to the United States when he was only 17 years old.

He followed his passion for baseball and played as a pitcher for four years at Teachers College of Connecticut. It is now known as Central Connecticut State University.

This connection to baseball started the family’s shared love for the sport.

Besides this, Springer has two talented sisters, Nicole and Lena Springer, who have also achieved success in the world of sports.

Nicole, two years younger than George, currently works as an assistant coach for the softball team at Southern Connecticut State University.

George Springer Parents
George Springer and His Sisters Nicole and Lena Follow Their Parents’ Path to Success. (Source: littleleague)

On the other hand, his other sister Lena is six years younger than him. In 2019, she was a pitching coach at Trinity College-Hartford, and in August 2021, she joined the UTEP Miner’s softball team.

The accomplishments of George Springer’s sisters as assistant coaches in college softball programs show the family’s strong athletic interest.

Their contributions to the sport add to the athlete’s achievements as a professional baseball player.

George Springer Ethnicity And Childhood 

The American baseball athlete was born on September 19, 1989, in New Britain, Connecticut. He is proud of his mixed background, with his mom’s side coming from Puerto Rico and his dad’s side having Panamanian roots.

This diverse heritage has influenced who he is and contributed to his achievements as a professional athlete.

During his childhood, George would attend New Britain Rock Cats games, which fueled his passion for baseball.

He even played catch with his favorite player, Torii Hunter, when he was just eight years old.

George Springer Parents
George Springer handles his stutter and embraces the World Series spotlight (Source: The Stuttering Foundation)

As he grew up, he became a dedicated fan of the Boston Red Sox, showing his love for the sport.

Springer’s experiences in his hometown of New Britain, his diverse cultural background, and his journey to overcome a stutter have all shaped him as a person and an athlete.

With his exceptional skills on the baseball field and his dedication to making a positive impact, the player inspires others, both in and out of the sports world.

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