George Alagiah Health Update 2023, Cancer Details Wife And Age

George Alagiah Health

George Alagiah Health is getting much worse after finding out his cancer has spread further and is desperately seeking wisdom.

George Maxwell Alagiah is a British journalist, television news presenter, and newsreader. He has been presenting the famous BBC News At Six since 3 December 2007.

George is also the author of A Passage to Africa and Home from Home. He also published his first novel back on September 5, 2019 “The Burning Land”.  

Alagiah’s broadcasting career is quite impressive if you ask me. He served as a print journalist for seven years in South Magazines and in 1989 he joined the BBC. He was the BBC’s leading foreign correspondent.

George became the presenter of BBC Four News after its launch in 2002. He also worked with Sophie Raworth at the BBC Six O’Clock News from January 2003 until October 2005.

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George Alagiah Health Update 2023, Cancer Details

The 67-year-old news reporter, George Alagiah found out he was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in 2014. He still worked till 2021 until he took a short break.

George returned to BBC’s News at Six in April 2022 and in a statement he said: “A recent scan showed that my cancer has spread further so it’s back to some tough stuff”.

Alagiah also stated that he misses his workplace and colleague. It was hard for him to not attend the newsroom since it was such an important part of his life to keep him energized and motivated.

Day by day George Alagiah health is getting worse however he is focused on life and fighting death as his cancer spreads. He remains optimistic and looks forward to getting back in the studio as soon as he can.

George Alagiah health remains the same and he confirmed that the cancer was incurable and had spread to his liver, lungs, and lymph nodes in an interview with The Times back in 2022.

George Alagiah Health
George talks about his tumor and the pain he has been going through both mentally and physically. (Source: The Telegraph)

After Alagiah’s initial diagnosis 8 years ago, he has undergone 17 rounds of chemotherapy. He said he had a better chance of survival if England had the same screening system for bowel cancer as Scotland.

The screening system for bowel cancer in Scotland starts at the age of 50 for both males and females. But that’s not the case with England since it starts at 60. Had England started screening at 50 just like Scotland he could be screened at least 4 times by the time he reaches the age of 60. 

George also said “survival rates are tremendous if you catch cancer early” and complained about Scotland using it and not England. Since then he has campaigned to lower the screening age in England for bowel cancer.

In Uk, bowel cancer kills more than 16,000 people every year. It is considered the second most common cause of death after lung cancer in the Uk.

Meet George Alagiah Wife Frances

George got married to Frances Robathan in 1984. Alagiah met the love of his life at Durham University. They have been married for 37 years and the couple have two children named Adam(35) and Matthew(31) Alagiah.

George Alagiah Health
                                                                                                   George and Frances with their children.(Source: The Times)

Frances was born in 1960 in London. In 2002 she was the Senior Partnerships Adviser of the Fairtrade Foundation and worked for the foundation for 18 years.

Robathan is also the head of Programme Partnerships and Head of Institutional Fundraising at Fairtrade Foundation.

The Alagiah lives in Stoke Newington, North London. George also stated that his wife and family have been very supportive to fight the ugly disease he’s diagnosed with.

How old is George Alagiah

Born on 22nd November 1955 George Alagiah is a 67-year-old man. He was born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka where his dad Donald Alagiah was an engineer.  Therese was his mother’s name and in 1961 the family of seven moved to Ghana in West Africa. He has four sisters.

George has served in the reporting industry for more than 20 years now. He is an important figure in BBC and is consistently trying to make the world a better place to live and is a specialist in Africa.

Alagiah has interviewed great personalities such as Nelson Mandela, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

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