Who Is Moya Suchet, John Suchet First Wife? Wikipedia Age And Divorce Settlement

John Suchet First Wife

Who is John Suchet first wife? The query has grabbed many people’s attention. The English writer’s fans are anxious to learn more about his divorce settlement.

Suchet is a famous author from London, United Kingdom. Likewise, he has gained significant popularity in the classical music sector with experience spanning over five decades.

Suchet has achieved a remarkable feat. Also, he has received the OBE title.

He is regarded as a legendary figure in the English community. John Aleck Suchet OBE, shortly John Suchet, was born on 29 March 1944.

He has two brothers, one of them being an actor, Sir David Suchet. 

Expanding his ventures, Suchet has identified potential career opportunities. Besides being an author, he is a television news journalist.

Moreover, Suchet presented classical music on Classic FM. Also, he has left an indelible mark on the media scene.

Suchet’s journey began when he joined radio programs. Similarly, he was first drawn to the media sector at an early age. 

John accomplished an extraordinary milestone and developed his talent throughout the years. Similarly, he brought personas to life and released several books worldwide.

Suchet’s impact goes beyond his writing ventures. In addition, his books include Beethoven: The Man Revealed, Mozart: The Man Revealed, Mozart, and more.

John’s accomplishment demonstrates his passion for writing. His book highlights unique stories and content to the personal lives of several characters to pursue their goals.

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Meet John Suchet First Wife Moya Suchet: Divorce Settlement

English author John Suchet OBE tied the knot with Moya Suchet in 1968. Moya was the first wife of John.

Suchet and his first wife were together for at least 15 years. The pair divorced in 1983.

As per a Daily Mail article published in 2014, he had to stay in London when his wife, Moya, was pregnant. In the interview, he said:

My former wife, Moya, was pregnant. I had to stay in London. 

However, Moya is not his only wife. John is married twice later on. He tied the knot with Bonnie Suchet in 1985, two years after his divorce from Moya.

The two remained married for over three decades. Bonnie died of vascular dementia on 15 April 2015. Eventually, Suchet married Nula Black in 2016. 

Suchet’s third wife, Nula Black, is a sculptress. The two have a year of age difference.

John Suchet First Wife
John Suchet’s first wife: The English author with his late wife, Bonnie. (Source: The Guardian)

Speaking of Suchet’s divorce settlements, the writer inherits an impressive net worth of $5 million.

However, Suchet nor his first wife, Moya, has revealed their divorce settlement terms and conditions. 

Suchet’s creative thinking influenced his writing career. Hence, his books have a distinctive mix of struggle and romance themes.

While Suchet’s wife lives away from the spotlight, the English author still thrives in several ventures. 

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John Suchet Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

English author John Suchet is a known name in the television sector. Likewise, he is a television news journalist.

Suchet was born to Jack Suchet and Joan Jarché on 29 March 1944. He is 80 years old as of 2024.

He completed his education at Uppingham School and went to Queen’s College, Dundee, for further studies. Likewise, Suchet hails from Paddington, London.

The author has gained significant popularity and has contributed worldwide as a master of his trade.

Suchet’s career began in 1967. He began his journey as a news presenter and journalist. Eventually, he introduced himself as an author.

His interest grew and became a lifelong commitment. Moreover, he grabbed several chances and received prestigious titles.

John Suchet First Wife
The former presenter John Suchet at the Classic FM studio. (Source: Radio Today)

Suchet’s influence goes beyond his books. The talented English author has taken on the mentorship role. 

Although many authors have lost interest, Suchet’s dedication to budding writers is significant and permeates the industry.

The famous English presenter’s deliberate choice to keep his career blooming is strategic. Suchet is generating buzz as audiences desperately wait for his new book.

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