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Faith Hill

Faith Hill, an American singer, and producer, sold 40 million albums and all-time hits with a $165 million net worth as of 2024.

In fact, her net worth is combined with her husband, Tim McGraw.

Faith  Hill’s real name is Audrey Faith McGraw, and she was born on September 21, 1967.

She is one of the luckiest music artists because her first two albums were recorded as best sellers.

In brief, “Take Me as I Am (1993) and “It Matters to Me“(1995) were ranked in the third position on Billboard’s country charts.

Then she was again an acclaimed talented singer and musician with the huge success of 2 albums across the country, namely Faith (1998) and ‘Breathe‘ (1999).

Faith Hill
Faith Hill Performing on Night Festival

Before, when she released the album ‘This Kiss‘ in 1998, she was introduced as an emerging talent among international spectators.

In fact, the spectators were keenly willing to hear the best, and she outdid well.

It’s true to say songs ‘Breathe‘ and  ‘The way You Love Me‘ made those albums country’s best-selling albums of all time and huge crossover success.

To illustrate, those albums have huge sales worldwide and earned Hill three Grammy Awards.

Similarly, Hill alone stood as the best selling in Europe with her 2001 production ‘There You’ll Be.’

In fact, the Pearl  Harbour soundtrack released the trendy album on the other continent as well.

To introduce Faith Hill more, albums, Cry (2002) and Fireflies(2005) were commercially successful. And, ‘Cry’ had crossover success, won a Hill a Grammy Award.’

To end, ‘Mississippi Girl‘ and ‘Like We Never Love at All‘ were two others popular to introduce among the growing music audience.

Quick Facts

Name  Faith Hill
Adopted Name Audrey Faith Perry
Birth Date Sep 21, 1967
Age 56 Years Old
Born In Ridgeland, Mississippi, U.S.
Gender Female
Race/Ethnicity White
Profession Singer, Actor, Record Producer, Artist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Music artist
Nationality United States of America
Religion Christianity
Residence The United States of America
Profession Singer, Actor, Record Producer, Artist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Music artist
Genres Country-pop
Instruments Vocal
Labels Warner Bros. Nashville, Arista Nashville, and Columbia Nashville
Associated Acts Tim McGraw
Education McLaurin Attendance Center (1986) and Hinds Junior College (now Hinds Community College) in Raymond, Mississippi
Marital Status Married (1997)
Spouse Daniel Hill (m. 1988; div. 1994)​

Tim McGraw (m. 1996)​

Kids 3 (From Tim McGraw)
Height 5 feet and 9 inches (1.77 Meter)
 Zodiac Sign Virgo
Years Active 1993- Present
Source of Wealth  Singing, Acting, and Writing
Net Worth  165 Million Dollar
Social Site  Twitter
Social Site  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
Merch Books
Last Update  July 2024

Faith Hill | Net Worth and Income

The key source of faith hill income is singing. She has made a $165 Million net worth because she has sold 40 million albums in her career.

In addition, her musical concerts in her home country and around the world have also added significantly to her possessions.

In short, she has also added some amounts from the endorsement of various projects.

With the popularity of new mediums, especially YouTube, she is also earning through Internet TRP in the last few decades.

Moreover, her husband McGraw is also hardworking and supporting and is also in the music field.

In fact, in $165 Million, the net worth is of both husband and wife.

For more illustration, her husband McGraw alone has $85 Million net worth.

Net Worth of Faith Hill in Different Currencies

The net worth of Faith Hill has been presented here in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro 139,440,675
Pound Sterling £ 119,880,750
Australian Dollar A$ 221,064,030
Canadian Dollar C$ 205,023,225
Indian Rupee 12,338,947,500
BitCoin ฿ 4960.04685

Faith Hill’s Houses and Cars


Faith Hill and Tim McGraw own a private island estate in the Bahamas known as L’île d’ Anges. For more information, it can be your if you can afford $35 Million.  In fact, the couple bought the island in 2003, but they moved there in 2012.

Similarly, in 2004, they bought a home in the historic upper-crust Belle Meade made in 1934. Its cost was $2.4 million and coved 11.6 acres.

In addition, the couple bought a new house on Chickering Lane in 2oo9. It was sold recently at $2,800,000.

Faith Hill's Island
Faith Hill’s Private Island (Source:

Likewise, they owned a mansion in Beverly Hills, which covered 11,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. It was also sold for 9.5 million in 2009. They owned a historic rural estate on a huge area in Leiper’s Fork, Tenn.

Finally, their primary residence for the public events covers a 22,460 square-foot area and has 5 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

In short, we can know that that Faith couple has a deep interest in buying homes in different places and enjoy their dream life.


Faith Hill and her husband are big fans of driving, and they have owned very expensive luxurious cars over the years.

Some of the cars owned by Faith Hill and her husband reportedly discussed in various platforms are as follows:

1. Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

2. NASCAR car

3. Land Rover Defender 90

4. Mercedes 200 Series 280SL

5. 1978 Jeep Wrangler CJ-6

Yacht and Boat

Since the Faith couple purchased a beautiful island in the Bahamas, they also owned a luxurious yacht. To illustrate, beautiful photographs were released of a faith couple traveling on a yacht.

Likewise, they also have a private boat that has been used for fishing. To add, his husband loves fishing and often spends his time fishing near the island.

Faith Hill | Lifestyle and Vacation

Faith hill and her husband, Tim McGraw, celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary in October 2020.

Before she married Daniel Hill in 1988 and they eventually got divorced in 1994.

Now also, some close to Faith Hill say her husband McGraw drinks too much, and there is still a probability of divorcing with frequent battles.

Next, the issue of daughters’ caring is another reason to spread rumors.

In another case, some close to Faith Hill say she is battling throat cancer recently.

In fact, she canceled one of the concerts, and it must be unpleasing to the fan followers.

Moreover, his husband is more worried about losing her with this deadly disease.

But despite having cancer on her throat, she presented melodious songs in 2020.

The beautiful numbers released in 2020 are as follows

1.Let’s Make Love
2.The Way You Love Me
4.Like We Never Loved At All
5.Meanwhile, Back At Mama’s
6.This Kiss
7. The Secret Of Life
8.Let Me Let Go

For more information, her husband has also supported most of those songs.

Talking about vacation, the couples are often caught sailing on yachts in their vacation.

In short, Faith, Hill has a luxurious life as they have been settling several houses in islands, silent hills, or in crowded cities.

Talking about food habits, she loves to have Mexican dishes, and so do her kids. She loves to share homemade chicken, dumplings, and cornbread.

Faith Hill | Charity

Most people are unaware that the feelings of supporting needy people are in the blood of Faith Hill.

In fact, her parents were very charitable in nature, and they also used to motivate Faith Hill in this direction from childhood.

For more illustration, Faith Hill’s father had a strong opinion on education for all.

So, the fund collected from her 1999 musical tour was spent on a national children’s drive, also known as ‘The Faith Hill Family Literacy Project.’

At that time, her fan followers donated the books when the concert was going on.

After all, approximately 35,000 children’s books were distributed in the hospitals, schools, libraries, and daycare centers in around 40 cities of the United States.

Likewise, she appeared vehemently for the help and support of those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

For that reason, she conducted several charity concerts.

Her husband, Tim McGraw, joined groups taking supplies to the most affected areas like Gulfport and Mississippi for more information.

Faith Hill with Husband
Faith Hill with her husband Tim McGraw Performing on the stage

Later in consecutive years, Faith Hill, with her husband, established the Neighbor’s Keeper Foundation for funding the communities for the humanitarian cause.

Before, the profits gained from the live concerts of New Orleans were also handed to Hurricane Katrina relief.

Similarly, in 2010 Hill and McGraw organized a concert to fund ‘The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.’

For more information, the foundation was established to support the Nashville flood victims.

For the same disaster, they aimed at raising $2 Million.

To add, the flood had killed 22 people and damaged around $2 billion properties.

Faith Hill | Movies, Investment, and Endorsements


Faith Hill has made a presence in different films and television. Some of the latest films and television associated with Faith are as follows:

Ball: An Inauguration Celebration
Super Bowl XLIII
Project Runway
NBC Sunday Night Football
CMT Crossroads
Tony Bennett: Duets II
The Voice
Pickler & Ben
The World’s Best

In short, she had appeared and enacted in major roles in hundreds of movies over the years.


Faith Hill has often been taken as a scent girl in various musical tours and concerts. In a special gesture, her Soul2soul Tour aimed at endorsing  Vintage perfume.

In another case, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Presidential election.

Let’s watch Faith Hill’s Breathe Song.

Similarly, they donated to democratic Presidential candidates in October 2020.

In addition, Faith Hill, along with top artists of the USA, has endorsed more than 100 royal brands in their careers.

It has also been reportedly stated that Faith has won 25 awards in various categories.

To end, dozens of books have been published by renowned writers based on her biography, career, struggle, and engagement.


Major discography of  Faith Hill are:

  • Take Me as I Am (1993)
  • It Matters to Me (1995)
  • Faith (1998)
  • Breathe (1999)
  • Cry (2002)
  • Fireflies (2005)
  • Joy to the World (2008)
  • The Rest of Our Life (with Tim McGraw) (2017)


Over the years, Faith Hill had made several tours. Major tours of Faith Hill are:

  • This Kiss Tour (1999)
  • Soul2Soul Tour (with Tim McGraw) (2000)
  • Soul2Soul II Tour (with Tim McGraw) (2006-07)
  • Australia 2012 (with Tim McGraw) (2012)
  • Soul2Soul: The World Tour (with Tim McGraw) (2017-18)
  • ’94 Promo Tour (1994)
  • Faith (2004)
  • Soul2Soul (with Tim McGraw) (2012-13)

Faith Hill | Career

The musical career of Faith hill is categorized based on her presence on the different musical platforms along with the popularity gained.

For instance, 1993–1997  made her successful in her country with her various albums and song.

Secondly, between 1998–2003, she was introduced as a pop music star around the world. Indeed it was a breakthrough in her career.

However, from 2005–2006 she revealed a deep love for her country music and worked for country music.

Faith Hill on Wallpaper Safari
Faith Hill on Wallpaper Safari       Source:

Likewise, from 2007–2010, she traveled for musical tours around the world.

In short, Soul Tour was one of the most successful musical tours of Faith Hill.

In this period, her voice for NBC Sunday Night Football rocked the stadiums in the United States.

Similarly, from 2011–2015 she engaged herself in an unreleased album.  Similarly, the Australia tour and Soul Tour are also noted work in this period.

And finally, from 2016 to the present, she has been exploring new music and traveling worldwide for musical journeys.

But from 2019, touring has been completely stopped due to Covid 19 and working in the music and recording studio more.

3 Facts of Faith Hill

  1. Faith Hill was raised as an adopted child. In fact, Ted and Edna Perry adopted her as her biological mother gave her for adoption.  She identified her biological mother and met in 2001.
  2. Faith Hill opines that her biggest beauty product is water. However, she also uses some beauty products like lip balm or Chapstick, moisturizer, or lotion.
  3. Once, she worked at McDonald’s when she was 16. She shared that she served food and also did all the cleaning until she quit from there.  Before, she also sold t-shirts and worked as an administrator at a music publishing company.

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What is the last song of Faith Hill?

The last song of faith is “Lost.”
In short, it is 4:13 minutes long and is associated with Label Warner Bros. Nashville.
The Songwriters are Kara DioGuardi and Mitch Allan.

Did Faith Hill Get kids from her Divorced Husband?

No, she did not have children from her divorced husband. The three children were born after her marriage to Tim McGraw.

What do Faith Hill’s daughters do?

Faith Hill’s all the daughters are grown up. All of them are grown up and have shown their deep interest in modeling.

In short, 2 of them are pursuing degrees in modeling and acting, and the eldest one is in the acting field.

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