Lil Baby Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

Lil Baby’s net worth is $5 million as an American rapper who rose to fame with his mixtape Perfect Timing in 2017.

Baby is considered one of the eminent figures in the trap music scene to date.

He released his debut studio album Harder Than Ever in 2018, which eventually was certified Platinum by RIAA. His song featuring Drake from the same album titled “Yes Indeed” peaked at six on the Billboard Hot 100.

Following the success of the debut album, he went on to release two more mixtapes Drip Harder and Street Gossip, in 2018.

Lil Baby
Lil Baby

One of his most popular songs, Drip Harder, peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, and Street Gossip peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200.

However, this was just the beginning. In 2020 Lil Baby released his second studio album, My Turn, which peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 and was also certified three-time platinum by the RIAA.

Similarly, Baby has been nominated for several accolades throughout his career, including Grammy, MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, and American Music Awards.

Apart from that, he’s also been crowned as the biggest all-genre “Artist of the Year” at the Apple Music Awards 2020.

Early Life

Lil Baby, originally Dominique Armani Jones, was born on December 3rd, 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the neighborhood of Oakland City.

A single mother raised him because his father left the family when Baby was just two years old. He is not the only child; he grew up with his two sisters.

Baby attended Booker T. Washington High School till ninth grade before dropping out because of getting into trouble.

Furthermore, Baby was charged for possession with intent to sell drugs, among other charges, in early 2012.

Lil Baby Early Days
Lil Baby Early Days

After his first layer urged him to plea for a two-year sentence, he refused it and requested a new layer. This new layer placed Baby in a special program that would hold him for only one year in prison.

However, in prison, he got involved in arguments with one of the white prisoners over racial slurs.

Consequently, his one-year sentence was replaced with the original two years deal. He’s been in and out of jail several times. He was again charged with possession of marijuana in 2013 and also in 2014 trying to sell it.

After two years of imprisonment, he began his rap career with 4 Pockets Full and Quality Control Music record labels.

 Quick Facts

Full Name Dominique Armani Jones
Nickname The Hero
Date of birth December 3, 1994
Religion Catholic
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Age 29 Years Old
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia
Current residence Atlanta, Georgia
Hobbies Singing, Song –Writing, Rapper
Food Habit Non-veg
Sex Male
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Lashawn Jones
Siblings Two(Dia Jonas and another older sister too)
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Rapper
Height In feet and Inches-5’8”
Weight 155 lbs.
Record label Capitol, Motown, Quality Control, 4PF, Wolfpack
Shoe size 10US
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Girlfriend Amour Jayda
Genre Hip pop, trap
Marital status In Relationship
Education Booker T. Washington High School
Net worth $4  million
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter, Youtube , Spotify , Tiktok
Last Update February, 2024

Lil Baby: Net Worth and Income

Net Worth

Grammy Awards nominated rapper Lil Baby has a net worth of $4 million as of 2024.

Baby has several multi-platinum certified albums which have generated pretty generous revenue for the rapper over the years.

Lil Baby has numerous hit singles, including six times platinum “Yes Indeed” and nine times platinum “Drip Too Hard.

Lil Baby Live Performance
Lil Baby Live Performance.”

Apart from album sales, Lil Baby earns about $400,000 per show, and with his album sales, it’s pretty sure he’s been doing live gigs more than ever.

Moreover, like every other artist, Lil Baby also makes a hefty sum of money from digital music streaming sites, including Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Being a Rapper of the modern era, Lil Baby does not have to depend on physical album sales. He has over 23.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify with more than 4 billion streams.


According to, in 2020 alone, Lil Baby made over $11.7 million pre-tax, out of which $9.1 million came from streaming, $152k came from record sales, $2.2 million from publishing, and $253k came from touring.

Baby generated over 6.2 billion digital streams in total, and almost 4.6 billion were just audio streams. Apart from that, Lil Baby has over 6.4 million subscribers on his official YouTube Channel with 4.93 billion total views.

According to, his estimated yearly earnings from the YouTube channel ranges from $405.3k to $6.5 million. Similarly, he earns about $33.8k to $540k every month from the platform.

Likewise, Lil Baby is also active on Instagram, where he has over 17 million followers, and it’s safe to say that he earns handsomely from the platform.

So after evaluating his social media, we are sure that he has a continuous stream of money coming to his bank account every day, and he is not shy about spending it.

Net Worth of Lil Baby in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Lil Baby’s net worth in different currencies as of February, 2024.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 3.3 million
Pound Sterling £ 2.88 million
Australian Dollar A$ 5.37 million
Canadian Dollar C$ 4.01 million
Indian Rupee ₹ 292,074,600
BitCoin ฿ 78.94

Lil Baby: Cars, Houses, Jewelry, and Watches


Lil Baby has a perfect story of rags to riches. He has been to the lowest point of his life, and now he lives like a king.

Just like any other rapper in showbiz, Lil Baby has a significant collection of wheels.

Let’s check them out.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hell Cat

The brand new version of this car costs about $60,000. He has been spotted in this particular car several times.

In 2018 he posed in front of Purple Hell Cat, and in 2019, he was seen posing in front of Orange one. There is every possibility that both the cars are the same and just went through some paint job.

This American muscle car has a supercharged 6.2-liter engine HEMI V8 engine that generates 707 brake horsepower.

The simple summary is it’s really fast and loud. In Baby’s words, if you’re a young black dude from the hood, you want to come to the hood on a car that’s loud and fast.

The car can boost to the top speed of 203 miles an hour and can go from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.


The rapper owns a couple of these Italian beasts, and one out of two is Urus. This luxury car lives up to the hype as the ultimate SUV as it’s extreme in every way.

It has a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that pumps about 650 brake horsepower and 850-pound feet of torque. Similarly, Baby’s white Urus has a top speed of 190 miles per hour and can go from no 60 in 3.1 seconds.

This SUV set him back about $215,000.

Lil Baby's Urus
Lil Baby’s Urus

Similarly, the second Lamborghini in Lil Baby’s garage is the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster which costs about $460,000. That’s really expensive, but Baby is rich enough to own one of these.

He really loves this car because of its lightning-fast speed. The car has a 6.5-liter V12 engine that generates 740 brake horsepower.

Similarly, the car has a top speed of 217 miles per hour and can go from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds.

Chevrolet Corvette C8

Corvette C8 is a convertible that costs about $100,000. Baby has it in white color with blue interior and blue rims.

Of course, it comes a little cheaper at about $80,000, but it racks up to a 100 grand easy with Baby’s customization.

Nonetheless, it is a sleek car that features a carbon fiber body and a 6.2-liter V8 engine that generates 650 brake horsepower. It features every luxurious touch, which can easily make any car fanatic salivate.

Lil Baby has an automatic version of the car, which obviously costs a little extra. Interestingly he was arrested by Georgia Police for reckless driving in this particular car.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

This truck was a gift to the Baby from the CEO of his record label Quality Control Records. He got this white color Cullinan with a red interior for his 24th birthday.

It costs about $330,000. The SUV comes equipped with a 6.75 liters V12 engine that produces 563 brake horsepower and 627-pound feet of torque.

Despite its bulky size, it has a top speed of 155 miles per hour and can hit 60 miles in just 4.8 seconds.


Without a sleek Mercedes-Benz in a garage, is it even a car collection?

Lil Baby owns a couple of Benz’s and drives them when he feels like traveling in style.

First Mercedes in his collection is a rather decently priced convertible SLC 300. It is a two-seat retractable hardtop convertible that is not that expensive. Well, not for the Baby.

It costs about $50,000. The car uses a 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 385 brake horsepower. Another Benz that Baby really admires is his blue G-Wagon.

He purchased the SUV and posted a picture of it on his gram with the caption My Dollars and Followers Match. His Mercedes-Benz AMG G 550 has a blue color and has 37 inches Forgiato Wheels. The SUV has a starting price of $150,000, and with some Lil Baby customization, it can go over a quarter million or even more.

Of course, these are not the wheels Lil Baby owns. If we do the math, he has certainly spend multi-millions on his wheels.


Reportedly, Lil Baby owns a massive mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. The exact location and specifications of the house have not been revealed yet. But as per one of his videos, It has an all-white interior with a grand staircase.

Outside of the house has a massive swimming pool with Spa and plenty of lounging places.

Similarly, Baby gifted a house to his mother and sister. In one of his interviews, he stated that he purchased a house for his mother, but he never lived in it.

Watches and Jewelry

Lil Baby’s watch collection includes a Rolex Date Just, Audemars Piguet, and many other Swiss timepieces.

His Rolex Date Just was a gift to him, but it did not have any diamonds when it was given to him. It holds a sentimental value to the Baby.

He would instead modify the same watch over and over again rather than go out buying one. It did not mention the actual figures, but he stated that he paid more for it because it has diamonds all over.

Similarly, he paid about $60,000 for his Skeleton Audemars Piguet watch.

Apart from that, he also owns Patek Philippe Nautilus.  His Patek is nearly unrecognizable because of the number of diamonds studded on it.

Lil Baby's Jewelry
Lil Baby’s Jewelry

Similarly, another expensive timepiece on his collection includes a Richard Mille 011 and Richard Mille 030.

Reportedly, NBA superstar James Harden gifted Baby RM 030, which costs about $150,000.

Similarly, another RM in his collection came as a gift from his girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves. This Richard Mille 011 coats about $200,000.

Apart from that, Lil Baby really loves his flashy jewelry. He is a big fan of Cuban Link bracelets, which he wears on both his wrists. These bracelets cost about $25,000 each.

He also loves his rings but loses them quite often. That’s why he has numerous rings in his jewelry box, with each one costing about $12000.

Similarly, Lil Baby’s chain collection has grown over the years.

His chains are worth about $15,000 each and pendants about $25,000 apiece.

However, the flashiest of all is his Lil baby Pendant which is actually a baby. It is said to be a zombie baby that Avani Jewelers made.

Lil Baby: Lifestyle


Lil Baby, one of the most trending rappers of the generation, lives an extravagant lifestyle.

He’s also been touring more than ever lately. Whenever he goes for a tour, he does private jet, or sometimes he loves to charter a helicopter to travel in style.

He carries a bag full of money whenever he travels. You know, just in case if he has to pay for his bail. Apart from that, he also carries the picture of his kids with him wherever he travels.

He has stated that out of his ten cars, he loves his Lamborghini Aventador the most.

Similarly, as for his shoes, he wears a white Air Force One. He has numerous pairs of white Air Force One because he loves them.

Likewise, Lil baby never wears the same underwear, tank top, and t-shirt. He changes them every day. He uses his undergarments from brands like Polo and Calvin Klein.

For his jewelry, he goes to Icebox. In fact, in one of his interviews, he stated that he goes to Icebox almost every week.

As for food, Lil baby loves Hot wings. He often goes to West End Mall in Atlanta to have some crispy Hot Wings.

Lil Baby: Charity

Since he’s been through the rough phase during his childhood, he does not shy away from giving back now that he’s made it.

In June 2021, Lil Baby gifted shoes to the families of his community in Atlanta.

Similarly, this was not the only time he got involved in charity. In 2020 he announced that he would donate $1.5 million proceeds made from his hit single “The Bigger Picture” to several organizations.

Lil Baby’s Charity

Part of that money went to Winter Warm Wishes Coat Giveaway in Birmingham, Alabama. The organization donated 1,000 winter coats to families in need.

In addition, Baby also partnered up with Atomic Bottle to give away warm meals to Houston families in 2020.

Similarly, he donated $150,000 to his former high school under the “My Turn” initiative.

Lil Baby: Career

Lil baby and his girlfriend model/entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves welcomed a baby boy on February 18th, 2019.

They named the boy Loyal. They actually began dating in 2016. Nonetheless, Baby also has a son from his previous relationship with Ayesha.

Apart from that, Lil Baby has been in and out of jail a few times. Recently in 2021, he was arrested for possession of Marijuana in Paris.

Lil Baby 2021

After paying a fine, he was released the next morning.

Lil Baby has been in on an off relation with his girlfriend Jayda. He reportedly cheated on her with an adult actress named Mrs. London. It’s also reported that one time he paid $6,000 just to sleep with Mrs. London.

Lil Baby has never confirmed the accusations, but it surely killed his chance with Jayda.

Now that the relationship is over, they’ve still agreed to co-parent the children together.

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Unknown Facts About Lil Baby

  • Lil Baby spent a lot of time with “Older Heads” when he was young. When he wouldn’t answer his mom’s call, she would come to search him. His older friends would tease him, calling him “Baby.” Hence the name stuck “Lil baby.”
  • Lil Baby went to the same school as the Outkast. Baby attended Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia, which is the same school the member of hip hop group Outkast attended. Lil Baby has also stated that he would like to collaborate with Andre 3000 someday.
  • Baby likes to stay out of politics.
  • He has paid fellow rapper Gunna to write songs for him.

Lil Baby: FAQs

Has Lil baby won any Grammy Awards?

Baby has been nominated three times but has never won any Grammys to date.

What is 4PF?

4PF is an acronym that stands for 4 Pockets Full. Similarly, 4PF is a record label founded by Lil Baby himself in 2017.

Is Lil Yachty signed to 4PF?

Lil Baby gave him a 4PF chain for his birthday, and Yachty proudly flaunts it. Other than that, confirmed reports are not available on whether or not Yachty is signed to the label.

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