Faf du Plessis Brother, Family Ethnicity Religion And Sister

Faf du Plessis Brother

Who is the skillful South African cricketer Faf du Plessis brother? While much is known about his professional life, learn some crucial facts about his family background.

Faf du Plessis is a talented South African professional cricketer and former national cricket team captain.

He is regarded as one of the greatest fielders of all time and one of the best all-around batters of his time.

He is also recognized as one of the finest tactically savvy and influential captions in all formats of modern cricket.

In 2015, the player was the first South African to score a century in all game forms. He was named South African Cricketer of the Year in 2019.

With a percentage of victories of 73.68 in one-day internationals, he is the ODI to defeat Australia in all three versions of the game. In 2016 and 2018, he overcame Australia in both the home and away test series.

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Faf du Plessis, Brother

Talking about Faf du Plessis’s brother, he is the second cousin of Namibian rugby player Marcel du Plessis. It’s interesting to note that Faf’s dad used to play rugby in the 1980s, contributing to the family’s strong connection to the sport.

Faf du Plessis’s brother (cousin) is continuing the legacy of rugby in their family.

Not related by blood but by heart, Plessis has a brother-in-law, Hardus Viljoen, who shares a good connection and brotherly closeness.

Faf du Plessis Brother
Faf du Plessis pictured with his sister and brother-in-law. (image source: Instagram)

Surprisingly, he is a professional cricketer from South Africa. He played domestic cricket for the Lions and one Test match for the South African national team. He bowls fast with his right arm.

Hardus and Faf du Plessis’s sister wed in December 2019 after dating for a year.

In reality, the news of the couple’s marriage was revealed humorously by du Plessis himself just the day after their wedding date.

Skipper of the Paarl Rocks’ in the Mzansi Super League in 2019, Du Plessis told the broadcaster of Viljoen’s unavailability to play against the Nelson Mandela Giants. He added that he is currently sleeping with his sister after their wedding the day before.

Faf du Plessis Family Ethnicity Religion

Faf du Plessis hails from Pretoria, Gauteng Province, in South Africa, where he was born to his parents, Ina Rynners (mother) and Francois du Plessis (father).

Since the insight regarding his parents’ background is not clear, their family’s ethnic background is likewise undisclosed at the moment.

Faf du Plessis Brother
Cricket player Faf du Plessis is a follower of Christian faith. (Image source: Instagram)

However, it has been stated that his father was also an athlete. In the 1980s, Francois played the center position for Northern Transvaal.

Furthermore, the well-known South African cricketer is a Christian. His birth on July 13, 1984, in Pretoria, South Africa, represented the beginning of a journey deeply connected with Christian values.

While there is some speculation about his surname’s possible connection to French deities, his upbringing and values are solidly rooted in the Christian faith.

Who is Faf du Plessis Sister?

Rhemi Rynners, Faf du Plessis’ sister, is a South African businesswoman from Pretoria. She was born in 1990 and is six years old to her brother. 

In terms of education, she attended Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool. Rhemi afterward earned a degree in fashion merchandise at LISOF Hatfield.

Rynner worked as a brand marketing professional at Supergroup Isando in Germiston. In 2017, she became a key accountant manager of the supergroup Henkel.

Faf du Plessis Brother
Faf du Plessis’s younger sister Rhemi Rynners. (Image source: Instagram)

Previously, she has managed Bjorn Borg and even launched her shop in South Africa.

Furthermore, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and photography like her sister-in-law and Faf du Plessis’s wife, Imari Visser.

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