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Eyal Ofer

Israeli businessman, investor, real estate, and shipping magnate Eyal Ofer’s net worth is a staggering $16 billion. 

He is the chairman of Zodiac Group and Global Holdings.

Similarly, Ofer is the founder and CEO of Ofer Global, a family business.

Eyal is also a member of the Royal Caribbean Group’s board of directors and the Bloomberg New Economic Forum’s advisory board.

Eyal Ofer
Eyal Ofer (Source: Wikipedia)

Ofer and his younger brother received a large wealth from their father, Sammy Ofer, a shipping mogul.

After the death of his father in 2011, he took over Zodiac Maritime Agencies, a privately held London-based firm with a varied fleet of more than 150 shipping vessels. 

Since then, his wealth has soared, and his net worth has been increasing day by day.

Eyal Ofer | Quick Facts

Let’s look at quick facts to understand more about him.

Birth Name Eyal Ofer
Professional Name Eyal Ofer
Nick Name Ofer, Eyal
Birth Date June 2, 1950
Age 73 Years Old
Birth Place Haifa, Israel
Residence Monte Carlo, Monaco
Gender Male
Build Average
Net Worth $16 Billion
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Profession Businessman, CEO, Investor
Nationality Israeli
Father’s Name Sammy Ofer
Mother’s Name Aviva Ofer
Body Measurements
Horoscope Capricon
Ethnicity White
Siblings Idan Ofer
High School N/A
College Atlantic College
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Marilyn Ofer
Children 4
Active Since 1967-Present
Social Media N/A
Last Update April 2024

Eyal Ofer | Net Worth and Income

Multi-talented businessman and investor Eyal Ofer’s net worth is a whopping $16 billion.

Part of Eyal’s income stems from his father’s 1960s shipping business, which he has grown and diversified into other areas.

When his father died in 2011, the billionaire’s possessions were divided between him and his brother.

Eyal owns Ofer Global, a Monaco-based shipping conglomerate, real estate, technology, oil and gas, finance, and investments.

Similarly, it has a worldwide shipping company, Zodiac Maritime and Zodiac Tankers, both parts of the Zodiac Group.

There are almost 180 vessels in the Zodiac fleet. It includes both operational ships and those currently under construction.

Likewise, Ofer owns Global Holdings, over 100 properties, and 2,500 hotel rooms.

Miller Global Properties, a property investment fund, is another company where he has a majority investment.

Through a 70 percent ownership in New Zealand Oil & Gas and Omni Offshore Terminals, Ofer has also invested in oil and gas development and production.

In 1980, Ofer traveled to New York City to start the household genuine estate business. He invested in Park Avenue South properties that he rented to law companies and public relation agencies.

He built a real estate empire over the years, owing to his extensive knowledge of ships, which enabled him to manage similar tangible assets.

Forbes assessed his net worth to be $11.1 billion in March 2021.

Meanwhile, towards the end of 2021, the billionaire’s overall net worth increased by about $4.5 billion, owing to a higher fleet valuation.

Moreover, Bloomberg estimated his net worth to be $16 billion in January 2022, which will surely increase shortly.

Eyal Ofer’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Eyal Ofer’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 15,211,200,000
Pound Sterling £ 12,755,840,000
Australian Dollar A$ 22,736,800,000
Canadian Dollar C$ 20,580,400,000
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,223,864,000,000
Bitcoin ฿ 410697.92

Eyal Ofer | Houses, Yacht, & Jet 

Houses & Properties

Ofer lives in Monaco with his wife, Marilyn. He lives near Tel Aviv in a huge seaside duplex penthouse property.

Similarly, he also has residences in London and New York. Similarly, Eyal owns a home at 15 Central Park West, which he built.

As the chairman of a private real estate holding business, he focuses on large-scale commercial and high-end residential developments.

It has a major real estate investment fund focused on key markets in North America and Europe, as well as prime commercial properties in Manhattan.

Likewise, its residential developments include 15 Central Park West, one of the most profitable, with estimated apartment sales of $2 billion.

Ofer’s portfolio now spans four countries and comprises more than 50 properties.

Yacht & Jet

As of April 2024, Eyal Ofer’s net worth is a massive $16 billion.

He lavishly spends some of his wealth on various yachts and private jets.

Eyal Ofer's Yacht
Eyal Ofer’s Yacht (Source: Yacht Harbour)

He owns the Olivia O yacht, which he nicknamed after his daughter.

Gulfstream GIV with the registration T7-CPX belongs to the Ofer family. The plane was constructed in 2002.

Eyal Ofer | Lifestyle and Vacation


Multi-billionaire businessman Eryal Ofer lives a luxurious lifestyle with a net worth of $16 billion.

He was born in the Israeli city of Haifa on June 2, 1950.

He is the eldest son of Sammy Ofer and Aviva Ofer. His father was a Romanian-born Israeli shipping entrepreneur who was once the wealthiest man in Israel.

Sammy died in June 2011 at the age of 89, putting Eyal and his younger brother, Idan, in charge of the family business.

Moreover, he had spent several years preparing for the generational shift to guarantee a smooth transition.

Reportedly, the assets were split evenly between the two brothers.

Eyal attended Atlantic College, an international boarding school in the UK. 

As a teenager, Eyal spent his summers working on the household company’s ships, loading goods, scraping and repainting the boats’ sides, and traveling to overseas ports.

From 1967 through 1973, he worked as an intelligence agent in the Israeli Air Force.

After that, he went to London to study law.

Eyal Ofer with his wife (Source: Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation)
Eyal Ofer With His Wife (Source: Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation)

Ofer is based in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and is married with four children who work in various aspects of the family companies. They lived in west London in 2008.

In 2021, Eyal was one of the names to appear in the “Pandora Papers,” a cache of roughly 12 million leaked records disclosing the world’s rich and famous financial secrets.

According to the records, he is the holder of a secret trust set up in the Cayman Islands called Ark, which he received from his father.

Ark is also tied to Elm Holdings Group, an unknown business based in the Virgin Islands that is stated to be controlled by a Liberian shipping company.


Ofer has traveled to several countries globally, thanks to his wealthy lifestyle. 

He possesses a private jet, which is one of the best jets available for personal travels and vacation.

Similarly, as an owner of a yacht, Eyal also enjoys a sea vacation. He often finds himself relaxing in his boat, soaking in the sun and enjoying the wave.

Ofer spends his time with his family in Israel, the UK, Morocco, and New York City, traveling and enjoying his life.

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Eyal Ofer | Charity

Eyal has contributed to charity since the start of his career.

Through the Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation, which carries on his family’s charitable legacy, he supports artistic, educational, and cultural institutions.

During Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, he was one of the contributors.

The foundation has been a long supporter of London’s Tate Modern, providing $15.2 million to the museum in 2013 as it prepared for what was then the museum’s largest expansion.

Their gift enabled them to construct a new building dedicated to modern visual art and entertainment with their name.

The new room expanded the size of the museum by 60%. Tate named one of the new galleries at the museum the Eyal Ofer Galleries in honor of such a significant donation.

In 2019, the foundation gave $5 million to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to refurbish.

Moreover, his wife is involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Eyal Ofer | Investment

Eyal Ofer’s net worth as of April 2024 is a massive $16 billion.

Ofer has committed billions of dollars to a tourism initiative, a chain of Nickelodeon Marriot Resorts.

The hotels will cater to families with kid-friendly activities, game areas, and entertainment, including Nickelodeon characters like SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer.

Until 2020, 20 hotels were developed based on the concept. The first five hotels cost $800 million to construct.

Similarly, Ofer has an oil and gas business in Australia and Southeast Asia through O.G. Oil & Gas, the oil and gas branch of Ofer Global’s O.G. Energy division. 

O.G. Energy agreed to buy a 40% stake in Beach Energy’s Otway Basin assets off Australia’s southeast coast in 2018.

Eyal is also the founder and CEO of OMNI Offshore Terminals. 

In addition, Ofer has made investments in technology firms through O.G. Tech. 

In 2018, the fund invested in Bringg, a delivery logistics network for businesses, in its Series B fundraising round.

Eyal Ofer | Career

In the 1980s, Eyal began his career in international transportation, working in all major shipping categories.

In 2014, Ofer was awarded honorary lifetime membership in the Baltic Exchange in London for his contributions to UK shipping and global sea trade.

Lloyd’s List has placed Ofer seventh among the world’s 100 Most Influential Persons in the shipping business in 2014 and 2021 and tenth in 2016.

Eyal Ofer (Source: Forbes Monaco)
Eyal Ofer (Source: Forbes Monaco)

He speaks at industry gatherings regularly, such as the Milken Institute Global Conference in 2012, 2013, and 2015.

Ofer also joins the World Economic Forum’s annual conference in Davos regularly.

Similarly, he joined the Bloomberg New Economy Forum’s Advisory Board in 2018.

David Rubenstein, Gary Cohn, and Mukesh Ambani are among the board members, which includes leaders in the industry, government, education, and philanthropy.

Some Interesting Facts About Eyal Ofer

  • Ofer has amassed a sizable contemporary and modern art collection, having inherited half of his father’s “huge collection.”
  • He is considered to be the proud possessor of a Picasso masterpiece.
  • Eyal is the richest person in Israel.


How did Eyal make his money?

He made money through real state holding, inheriting his father’s wealth, and investment in many endeavors.

Is Eyal only married once?

Yes, as per our records, he is married only once to Marilyn Ofer and has four children with her.

Does Eyal fall under the most influential people in the world?

He was ranked seventh among the top 100 most influential persons in the shipping sector in 2014 and 2021 and tenth in 2016.

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